Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Francie in Fall

I don't have a lot of outfits for
my Francie doll and there are
limited patterns available for her.
I am trying to modify some of
the patterns I have.  Here is my
first attempt.

The blouse is made from a dress pattern.
It's not horrible but not great.  It needs
more work.  The pants pattern was for
bell bottoms.  I just made them into
slim leg pants.  They turned out much

At least she has a few more clothing
options now.  And a few more blouses
in yellow or orange will extend her

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Having a MOD Halloween

Wendy, Jodi and Penny (my Standard Barbies)
are here to wish you a very.......
MOD Halloween!

Dresses were made using my original vintage
patterns before.

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Photo Shoot: Alexa, Regan and Bo Lin

The ladies got some new Sparkle Girl
fashions today......

We moved the photo shoot outside since it was such
a pleasant day.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Photo Shoot: Eden and Collette

I have been going through my
dolls and culling some from the
herd.  I will put items I am thinking
of getting rid of in a box and revisit
them a few weeks later just to make
sure it is time for them to go and there
won't be any regrets later.

Eden and Collette were in the box.

I was still sitting on the fence with them.  Eden
because glue was leaking through her hair,making
her bangs gummy.  Collette, well her and I never
have really bonded.  But I felt like playing
dress up and thought I would give them another

Eden has always been one of my favorites
but I really don't feel like digging glue out
of her head.

But she really is quite pretty and has a way
about her.


And I do love her hair.  Right now the glue
has only leaked a little in front but I am sure
it will get worse.

As I have said before, Collette and I have
never bonded.  I think she is cute and
adorable, different looking from the
other girls.

The more I redressed and photographed
her the more I liked her.  I especially love
her in this aqua mini with the sheer mullet

Soooo, for the moment these 2 ladies have
made it out of 'to go' box and back into
the collection.  Although Eden's days may be
numbered if her head continues to leak!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Getting Back In the Swing of Things

The remodeling was done a few weeks ago
and we have been getting things put back
together slowly. 

I have taken a lot of time
in the doll room, cleaning and going through
and weeded out some stuff.

Some dolls will be going and of course some
will be coming in.......like this one.

She is the 2015 Holiday Barbie

She is very pretty.

So I am slowly get back in the swing of things.
Thanks for sticking with me through this!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Fashion Avenue #25702 and #25755

Here are the other two Fashion Avenue
outfits I got in my package deal.

#25702 is Party in Pink.  The dress is
really cute, kind of a 60's vibe going on.
The pink Mary Jane pumps are just

#25755 is Midsummer Ball.  The outfit
is actually a beautiful soft yellow.  Very

When you search eBay for Fashion
Avenue outfits as much as I do you
see which outfits are more common.
Of these four outfits I have only seen
2 of them before so was not just happy
with my bargain price but also happy
to snag a few of the more elusive

Friday, August 19, 2016

Fashion Avenue #22155 and #23022

Next to the 60's Vintage outfits the
Fashion Avenue line is my favorite.  I always
scour eBay looking for deals.....I got 4
of them for $8.25 each including shipping!

Here are #22155 from the Coat Collection
and #23022 from the Lifestyles Collection.

I love the coat, it's a textured faux leather.
And the ladies will be needing some winter

The other one is okay.  What I really love
are the lugged sole red booties.  I wish I
had a pair!

Check back to see the other two outfits!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Hot Ride

I've been wanting some wheels for Barbie
for awhile now and this one was at the top
of my list.

I love old cars and this will fit with my
'Vintage Life' dolls and also Daryl and
Trish, as they live the rockabilly lifestyle.
This car is huge (fits 4 dolls) and take
up space so it may be the only one.

It is mint in box, but I have no problem
busting it out.  I am just waiting until
things get back to normal around here.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Rehab at Standstill

This is what I hate when you can't do a job yourself
and must rely on others.....waiting.  They still have
not scheduled our flooring job yet!

Meanwhile the majority of my doll stuff has already
been packed away and I am out of scheduled posts.
Plus I am having doll withdrawal.

So I have been planning and cutting outfits (no
sewing as all machines are packed) and doing a
little shopping (idle hands always make their way
to eBay).

Here are my first purchases.

Barbie Look City Shine and Finnick.  (Sorry
for the horrible pictures.)  I found both dolls
on sale for a very good price with free shipping.

I really didn't need the City Shine doll but think
she is very pretty.  I felt I had room for another
modern gent so decided Finnick would fit
nicely.  Their names will be changed once I
decide where they fit in the scheme of things.

Stay tuned for my other purchases...and keep your
fingers crossed that this flooring projects get
started soon!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Fashion Friday

Veronica is stunning in 'After Five'  #934.  The
white shawl collar and double breasted bodice add
uniqueness to the dress.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Fashion Friday

Ava Winter is as cool as can be on a summer's
day in 'Cotton Casual'  #912.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Fashion Friday

Midge is modeling a dress that is a birthday present
for my friend, Carol.  There is also an outfit for her
Allan doll with brown pants and shirt that matches
the band of the sundress.....but it's not ready for
pictures yet.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Fashion Friday

Barbara is wearing her new waitress uniform.  I
made a separate skirt and blouse as it seemed more
versatile in the wardrobe scheme of things.  The
apron is what really makes it a waitress uniform
although it does need a pocket for her order pad.
(And yes, that is a straight pin holding her blouse
closed......not quite done yet.)

Friday, July 1, 2016

Fashion Friday

Evelyn is modeling a lovely dress made from a
vintage pattern.  I like the wide boatneck on this
dress and it is very easy to make.  I think made
up in a solid color with a contrasting belt
would be nice too!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Short Hiatus

We are finalizing plans to have new tile floors installed
in our entire house except for the master bathroom.  This
will include tear out of all the old carpeting and tile and
the fireplace surround and a demolish of the hearth.  All
at one time.

This means just about everything needs to be packed up
and moved out. UGH!

We haven't finalized the date yet, but after finishing up a
few sewing projects this week I am going to start on the
doll room.  The dolls themselves will have to be moved
to somewhere in the master closet, which isn't as 'masterly'
as it sounds but they can't go in the garage where it easily
gets into the 100's this time of year.  I don't think they would
actually melt but I do not want to take any chances especially
with the vintage ones.  Everything else needs to be packed
in boxes and stored in the garage along with all our furniture.

I am not looking forward to this.....they say it will only be a
week, but we all know how that goes.  I am hoping we can
move some of the larger pieces of furniture from room to
room as we progress.  I just figure it will be better to be
inconvenienced at one time rather than do it in stages.

So 'My Barbie's Closet' will be on hiatus for about a month
while I pack up, live through the remodel and unpack.  I aim
to do a little doll housecleaning while unpacking so it may
be a little longer.

I have set up several 'Fashion Friday' entries for your
perusal.  I hope you enjoy them.........

and wish me luck!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Fashion Friday

Got a great deal on these 4 fashion
Gift sets from 1994......
Not as nice a Fashion Avenue outfits but not bad.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day - May 30, 2016

We take pause today to
remember and honor
those who gave 
everything for our
Thank you.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Vintage Life: Barbie and Skipper - Morning Routine

"Skipper what are you doing in my bed....you're going to
be late for school and make me late for work.  Hurry up
and get dressed."  (Barbie)
"I'm tired of school.  When is summer vacation?  When
is Cousin Francie coming? I don't want to go...." (Skipper)
"School will be out soon enough and your cousin will be
here before you know it. Now here are your clothes...get
dressed." (Barbie)
Yes, ma'am. (Skipper)

"I don't want to wear this."  (Skipper)
"Just get dressed, please!" (Barbie)
"Yes, Ma'am." (Skipper)

"Here let me button you up." (Barbie)

"I need to finish my makeup and hair.  I'll only be a
minute." (Barbie)

"Do you think the red shoes and purse are too bold?
This dress is a little plain." (Barbie)
"Looks okay, I guess.  Are we picking up Scooter and
 her Mom for the walk to school?" (Skipper)
"Evelyn had to go into work a little early today, so she
dropped Scooter off.  Do you have your lunch box?"
"Yes, ma'am." (Skipper)
"Then let's go." (Barbie)

Fashion Notes:  All outfits made by me using vintage patterns.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

VINTAGE LIFE circa 1955

Meet the Vintage Life characters:

Barbie Roberts:

Barbie is single and became guardian to her
younger sister, Skipper, when their parents
died in an auto accident.  She is currently
a file clerk at Huege Enterprises and is taking
bookkeeping classes at The Barton Women's
Academy of Business.  She lives with her
sister in a two bedroom walkup in the
Crestmont area of Mid City.

Skipper Roberts:

Barbie's little sister.  She attends
Mid City Elementary school.
Best friend of Scooter.

Francie Fairchild:

Barbie and Skipper's cousin.  She
spends summers with them, helping
to look after Skipper. 

 Midge Hadley:

Barbie's best friend since they were little.
She still lives with her parents. She works 
at Bundell's, one of Mid City's
finest department stores. 

 Evelyn Brown:

Evelyn lives across the hall from Barbie.
She is a widow with a little girl, Scooter,
who is best friends with Skipper.  She also
works at Huege Enterprises in the 
secretarial pool.

 Scooter Brown:

Evelyn's daughter and Skipper's best
friend.  She also attends Mid City
Elementary school. 

 Jeanelle LaFontaine:

Works with Midge at Bundell's.

 Barbara Cooper:

Works as a waitress at the
Mid City Diner. 

Brenda Hartwell:
A nurse at Mid City Hospital.

 Veronica Laine:

Reporter for 'Ladies Life'

Beverly St. Johns:

Lives in the same building as
Barbie.  No one knows much
about her, she doesn't appear
to have a job or a husband!
 Vivian Huege:

Socialite married to William Huege,
President of Huege Enterprises. 
They live in a high rise in the exclusive
Avalon Park area of Mid City.

 Joan Bundell:

Married to Bob Bundell, head of
Bundell's Department Store.  Best
friend of Vivian.  They live in the 
same high rise.

  Ava Winter:

Singer and actress.  She
also lives in the same 
Avalon Park high rise as
Vivian and Joan.

  Ken Carson:


  Allan Sherwood:


William Huege:

President of Huege Enerprises.  Married
to Vivian.

 Cindy Pelton:

 Student at Mid City Elementary
school.  Sometime friend of 
Skipper and Scooter.

 Sally Drake

Student at Mid City Elementary 
school.  Considers Cindy Pelton
her best friend.  Sometime
friend of Skipper and Scooter.