Thursday, June 4, 2020

Barbie Catalog Project 69-73

This doll is part of the holiday series were issued every year for grocery stores and big box discounters.  There were only 2 in this series, this blonde Barbie and the AA Barbie.  One of the few Barbies issued with straight shoulder length hair they are both lovely.  I am still trying to find the AA version at a reasonable price, she has the Christie face mold and is so pretty.

1998 Tree Trimming Barbie #22967

Sorry these pictures aren't clearer.  When I went to dress her in her original outfit I discovered what a pain in the A$$ it is too get her velvet leggings on!  They have some kind of separate nylon lining that is impossible to move up her legs.  Needless to say, it was either shoot her in the buff or find an old picture of a Christmas diorama from several years ago......I lucked out.  I am going to have to make her a new pair of dark green pants to go with the ugly Christmas sweater.

I believe, but don't quote me, that this was the first doll in the City Seasons series.
The doll herself doesn't thrill me.  Her makeup is a little washed out and that forehead needs some bangs or fringe or whatever they call them these days.  Now her outfit is another story.  It is very well made, especially the coat.  She is wearing a short sleeve black full bodysuit.  The coat seems to be a light wool, lined in red taffeta with fake fur trim at collar and cuffs with a little brooch.  Hat, scarf, bright red mittens, patent purse with chain strap and midrise heeled black boots make this very classy.

1998 City Seasons-Winter in New York #19429

I love this doll, it is my favorite AA doll with the Nichelle facemold.  She is just so pretty.  Her uniform is cute and fits well, love the boots.  I also like the fit of the pants and I may attempt to make a pattern from them.

1998 Disney Animal Kingdom Barbie AA #20989

Another beautiful doll with the Mackie facemold.  I will use her as a twin to the free spirit  Butterfly Arts Barbie in future story lines.

She has the most fantastic pair of gold pumps, I hope I never lose them.  I don't know about anyone else but I never put the sheer tights back on the dolls because I always poke the toes through when trying to put the shoes on!  Is there a trick to this?  If so someone please let me know.......

1999 Cool Collecting Barbie #25525

This is a cute retro style doll.  She also comes with a few miniature toys but only the Barbie game is to scale.  The viewmaster and 8 ball are too big to use in dios.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Barbie Cataloging Continues 64-68

The Butterfly Art Collection contains 5 dolls.  I only have 3 but am considering the other 2.  These dolls stirred a little controversy because of the tatoos.  I guess they thought every little girl (or boy) will run out and get a tat....silly stuff.  The Barbie in this group is stunning, one of my favorite dolls, and Kira is one of the prettiest Kiras out there.  And the Ken has hair!

1998 Butterfly Art Barbie #20359
NOTE:  The was a KB version of this doll issued in 2000 but the hair is not crimped and she has a somewhat longer denim skirt.

1998 Butterfly Art Kira #20362

1998 Butterfly Art Ken #22995

There are 4 dolls in the next grouping, Pretty in Plaid.  The blonde, brunette and redhead all have the Mackie facemold and the AA is the Nichelle facemold.  I love the Mackie and Nichelle molds and may pickup the other 2 dolls someday.

1998 Pretty in Plaid #20667

1998 Pretty in Plain #20668

We are beginning to open up here in Florida, it feels so good to get out and interact with people even with masks and social distancing!  Hope everyone is healthy and safe.

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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Family Springtime Outfits

Back in the late 50's/early 60's matching family outfits was very popular.
Why you might ask?  Who knows but it can be kinda cute especially for special occasions.

Hmmmmm!  Watch that right hand, buddy!

Here is my take on matching outfits for Barbie, Ken and twin Skippers.

I think they are all ready for a Memorial Day picnic!
In their own backyard, of course!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Saying Good-bye To an Old Friend and Welcoming a New One

Back on March 24th, we had to help our 10 year old Rottweiler, Louie, over the Rainbow Bridge.  

We thought we had 6 weeks more with him but his kidney disease progressed rapidly and he also developed several tumors.  It was hard but it was time to let him go.

It was very hard being without him during our 'stay at home' order, the house was very empty with just The Husband and me.  I wasn't sure if I wanted another Rottie (we have had 7), we are getting older and they are big dogs!  After about a month we started casually looking at dogs, me mixed breed midsize and The Husband rescue Rotties.  He found a boy about 2yrs about an hours drive.  We spoke with the woman that runs the rescue and asked her to send a video of the dog interacting with the staff.  She said she would the next day.  We never heard from her again.

In the meantime, I came across a rescue 3hrs away with a 3yr old girl that looked just like our last female, Lily, who passed 8 yrs ago.  She looked so sweet and I was smitten.  We contacted them and got approved to come out the next day.  So off we went.......and we fell in love with Bree.

Our Briana Rose!

She is sweet, calm, gentle and very smart.  We couldn't ask for a better dog.

She is very relaxed and settling in nicely.

I don't usually stray from dolls on this site, but I had to say goodbye to Louie and welcome home Briana Rose!

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Barbie Catalog Collection 60-63

Nothing fancy about this grouping but some nice dolls.

1987 Perfume Giving Ken AA #4555

Billy Dee Williams in plastic!  He is very handsome and popular with the ladies. Love the mustache!

1991 Ski Fun Midge  #7513

I was so glad they brought back Midge in the 90's.  I would have loved to have seen a MOD Midge.

1991 Marine Corp. Ken AA #5352

I wanted a man in uniform for one of the dioramas.

1992 Army Barbie AA #5618

If you're going to have a man in uniform you need a woman in uniform too.  

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Saturday, May 2, 2020

Barbie Collection Catalog Project 55-59

And the project continues.......

1993 Cool & Crimp Kevin #11549

Skipper has had 3 named boyfriends over the years, Ricky, Scott and Kevin.  Kevin is the only one I have but I would like to add the other two if I can find at a good price, especially Scott because he has quite the head of hair!  
I think Kevin had the most incarnations, 6 to be exact, all issued between 1990 and 1994.  Finding or making clothes for him is an issue but he can wear some of the current Ken outfits except for the shoes.

1995 Great Date Ken #14837

Yes, another Ken with hair, lovely rooted hair.  He does need a trip to the salon.....maybe once they open up again.

1996 Splash n' Color Ken #16170

This Ken is from a beach line that Mattel liked to issue almost every year.  I got him because I needed a mate for one of the ladies to use in a diorama that I haven't gotten around to doing yet.

He's not a bad looking guy.  His hair is suppose to change colors with water (hot/cold) but I haven't tried it.

1997 Dinner Date Barbie #19037

Cute little redhead.  Love her hairdo, reminds me of the American Girl, only poufier.
She is the mate to Splash n' Color Ken, or will be once I start that diorama.

1997 Pearl Beach Teen Skipper #19223

Another doll from the yearly beach series issued by Mattel.  She really is very beautiful. Not sure where she will fit in as far as dioramas go but I'll find a spot for her.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Barbie Collection Catalog Project 48-52

Ooops!  I got my catalog posts a little out of order.  I was trying to catalog the dolls by year but it didn't quite work out. Oh well, no big deal.

So here is the next grouping.

1995 Enchanted Evening Reproduction Barbie #14992

I like the reproduction dolls becuase it offers people a reasonable way to get a version of the iconic vintage dolls and some of the most popular outfits from back in the day.

I got this reproduction because I always wanted this outfit.  This is a very nicely done reproduction.  The outfit is well done and the fabric quality is nice.  I love the doll!  She has beautiful platinum hair and gorgeous skin tone, almost porcelain like.  She is a movie star in my diorama life known as Ava Winter.  She is a star.

1995  Phone Fun Skipper AA #14313

This is my all time favorite modern Skipper.  She is just sooooo cute!  And has the most incredible head of hair.  Just a little darling.

1996 Spiegel Summer Sophisticate Barbie #15591

I am not in love with this doll, her forehead is too large and the skin tone is too pinky.  But her outfit.....oh my be still my 50's heart!  I had to have it and decided to keep the doll to play the Mother in one of the many dioramas that I haven't gotten around to making yet.

1996 Wild Bunch Francie AA Reproduction #17607

The original doll was a bit of a coundrum when issued because at the time there was no AA Barbie, just her friends Cara and Christie.  Not that she couldn't of had a cousin of AA ethnicity but it wasn't as prevalent back then.  I always wanted her but there is no way I could afford an original so this is a great reproduction for many people like me.

The outfit is nice but not my favorite Francie outfit.  I definitely got this set for the doll and she is very nice.

1997 Silken Flame/Red Flare Reproduction Barbie #18448

I got this set for the black hair bubblecut as I have the original of both of these outfits.  This whole set was a little disappointing.  The doll just doesn't look as good next to my vintage bubblecuts as the reproduction ponytails do next to their vintage counterparts.  Her hair is much thinner and finer than the vintage ones and she just doesn't measure up.

The outfits are okay but next to the originals the poor fabric and sewing quality shows.  The satin and velvet is very stiff.  Don't get me wrong, it's great to have if you can't afford an original but the quality compared to the reproduction Enchanted Evening outfit is of lesser quality, I think.

Well, the cataloging is coming along, 54 done so far!  I am trying to get at least 5 done a week and hope to start getting some of the outfits done soon too.  I have seen some other peoples collections on FB and mine is nothing compared to some......I don't know how they keep it all straight!

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