Saturday, May 20, 2017

Starting A Capsule Wardrobe

As you may or may not know, our vintage gal,
Barbie works at Huege Enterprises.  She currently
works in the file room but is taking Saturday and
and evening classes at The Barton Women's
Academy of Business in hopes of getting a
position in the bookkeeping department.

As any career minded gal she wants to dress
in a manner that says "I am a professional",
but on a file clerk's budget that can be tricky.
Luckily, Barbie has some sewing skills and
knows the value of a mix and match wardrobe
or .....a capsule wardrobe.

Babs is starting with a burgundy pencil
skirt and jacket.  I'm think the skirt is a
little too long, but the era is mid-late 50's.

A floral sleeveless blouse is added under
the jacket.  And of course, while we're at
it let's make little sis, Skipper, a matching
blouse and skirt.

Babs already had a pink short sleeved
button front blouse (ok, we are still
missing the buttons so it is a pinned
front blouse). Worn with the skirt and
jacket it makes a nice professional suit.

Babs also had this lovely sweater, made
by friend, Carol.  It looks a little more
casual than the jacket but still nice for
work in the file room.

A girl's gotta have something to relax
in so we added a pair of pants......and a
pair for the kid.  I think the floral top
looks better with the pants.

Add the sweater and this is a great
casual outfit for a day in the park
with Skipper.

Babs also has a navy pencil skirt which
goes well with the pink blouse.  On the
cutting table is another short sleeved
button front blouse in a blue floral
pattern to go with that skirt also.  A navy
jacket might be nice too......if I can find
my navy fabric.  And a white blouse
is definitely needed.....maybe 2, short
and long sleeved.

***After my last post I decided to take a
break from the dioramas.  I may go
back to them but for now I am just
going to use my free time doing what
I like to do most with my dolls
and make them clothes.  I appreciate
the advice everyone  gave, you guys
are great!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Something's Gotta Give

Once again I find myself adrift with my
dolls.  I am at a loss most days when I
get into the doll room.  Do I want to
build dioramas, do I want to write
stories, do I want to sew......ugh!  I
end up doing nothing.  When I am
at work all I can think of is all the
things I want to do but once at home
the plans go out the window.

I am beginning to think I have: 1) too
many dolls (well, I knew that already) and
2) too many ideas I want to do.  I am
overwhelming myself before I get started.

Even when I do decide to do something
I get bogged down.  If I decide to sew,
what and I going to sew? For which doll?
Then it's deciding on the pattern, sifting
through dozens of them for the right one.
And let's not even talk about picking out the
right fabric or trying to find it.....there's
even more fabric than patterns!

Dioramas.....since space is so limited this
is a problem.  I have one 14" x 28" shelf
to utilize (nothing can be lower than 4'
off the ground because of a large nosy

I don't know how some of you ladies
do it, you impress me.  You have these
little Barbie villages in your house and
I am envious.

I just don't know what I want to do with
these dolls!!!!  Something that should
be giving me pleasure is causing me

Something's gotta give!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Olivia and Roger Brentwood

Just spent a lazy Easter Sunday deboxing
my Silkstones.

Roger is wearing his suit from New England
Escape and Olivia is wearing her Continental
Holiday outfit.  She was going to wear her 
New England Escape outfit except for one
teeny, tiny problem...........

She can't get her right hand through the
jacket sleeve!  She also can't get her right
hand through her Continental Holiday

It appears Mrs. Brentwood has a drinking
problem and her hand is stretched wide
to accommodate hoisting a pint!  The
width of her hand is 5/8", the jacket sleeve
cuff opening is about 1/2" and the coat
(which is the outfit she came with, mind
you) is maybe 3/8".

Has anyone else encountered this problem?
Is it just this model of Silkstone or do they
all have a catcher's mitt for a right hand?

Her arm is cocked to rest on her hip, similar
to several of the Model Muse dolls I have.
But their thumb is not that splayed out from
the rest of the hand.

I am very disappointed.  It took me a long time
to find  a Silkstone I liked (most of the eye
makeup is too much for me).  I really like her
but if she can't wear the beautiful outfits then
Mr. Brentwood may be looking for a new wife.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Casual Saturday

Some of the Muses are off today so they
decided to just hang out, maybe do a
little shopping and lunch.

Zumari and Natalya

Taryn and Teyana, both these girls need a hair day at
the spa.  Especially Teyana.  Her hair is a mess, Taryn's
is just stiff as a board.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Well It Wasn't Another 2 Months

It's just March and this year has already
gotten away from me!  I guess life sometimes
gets in the way of your plans.

The husband of my good friend in all things
Barbie, Carol, passed away on January 31th.
They are also our neighbors, living just 3 doors
down.  He had been in and out of the hospital
a good portion of last year but no one was prepared
for the final prognosis of a very agressive form
of pancreatic cancer in late October.

Though he was able to have some precious time
with his family, his death has left my friend in
emotional and financial hard times.  We have spent
the last month helping her cope and also helping
her prepare her house for sale.  A daunting
task for a grieving widow of just a month.

The sale of their home will take her 2 1/2 hours
from me, but put her closer to family.  Good for
them, bad for me but for the best for her.  I will
miss her.

But in between working, trying to do our taxes and
helping out my friend I have gotten some things done.
Just not much Barbie related.

I did get these two ladies welcomed in the group.

My latest Model Muses, Zumani Odelette
and Teyana Timms. 

I also got a gentleman friend for the Silkstone
I bought myself for Christmas.  I figured she
needed a dashing man about town so The
Husband got me Roger Sterling from the
Mad Men collection for my birthday.

I think they will make a lovely couple.  He also
got me this clothing gift set.

That has been about it for doll stuff.  I've
been doing a lot of sewing but not doll

The Husband's nephew and his wife just
had their first baby.  This is a big deal for
The Husband as his family is very small, he
only has 2 nieces and the one nephew and
they are all into their 40's.  This will most
likely be the one and only baby.

So even though I don't do any quiltmaking
since I closed my store nor do I enjoy it
anymore I felt I had to make his new little
grandniece a little blankie.

With the left over fabric I made her this.

She is a tiny thing, just 5 pounds, so I am
hoping she can wear it at 8 or 9 months.

I quit sewing clothes for myself about 3-4
years ago.  It was just easier to make doll
clothes.  But I have recently seen some
repurpose items that I wanted to try my
hand at, so I got this XL shirt from the
Goodwill for $4 and took the button
front of it....

And used some fabric from my stash....
and made this....

The front

The back, with all the buttons!  It needs
some tweaking but I like the way it came out.
It will be great for summer or with a cardigan
for the cooler months.  I love all the buttons
up the back AND the fact that I didn't
have to make one buttonhole!

This is what I've been up to....

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Happy Belated Holidays

I can't believe I missed them all...I hope everyone
enjoyed theirs.

Steve, Lydia, Trish and Daryl celebrated the holidays
Florida style.  I made the ladies dresses but got the
guys' outfits on eBay.

I got a few Barbie related items for Christmas but this
is a gift I bought for myself.

Continental Holiday Silkstone Barbie Giftset.
The Silkstone Barbies are not my favorite
dolls, but I really wanted one to round out
my collection.  I think she is very sophisticated
and love the outfit.

She hasn't been released
from her box yet because my birthday is
next week.....and if she plays her cards right
she may have a gentleman friend to make
her continental holiday that much more intriguing!

I have been very busy at work and just beat
when I get home so doll time has suffered.  But
there are some things in the works...a Valentine
vignette, 2 new dolls and major work on Gabrielle's
Paris apartment.

It's slow going but hopefully it won't be another
2 months!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Francie in Fall

I don't have a lot of outfits for
my Francie doll and there are
limited patterns available for her.
I am trying to modify some of
the patterns I have.  Here is my
first attempt.

The blouse is made from a dress pattern.
It's not horrible but not great.  It needs
more work.  The pants pattern was for
bell bottoms.  I just made them into
slim leg pants.  They turned out much

At least she has a few more clothing
options now.  And a few more blouses
in yellow or orange will extend her