Saturday, June 22, 2019

Too Hot and Humid to Play Outside

We have been having an extremely warm spring and start to
summer here in NE Florida.  Today the heat and humidity
is just too much for me to do anything outside so I decided
to hang out in the doll room this afternoon.

I am still trying to setup or figure out my room.  I've added
several Ikea Kallax units and a Billy bookcase but so far
it just doesn't feel comfortable to me working in it.  This
room and the closet are a tad bigger than the one in our old
house but it just feels more cramped for some reason.

Anyway, I decided to debox a few reproductions I got
recently and also some older ones that were in the closet.

50th Anniversary Francie is a little cutie.  I have my
original blonde on but always wanted a brunette.  I
found her at Tuesday Morning for $30.

I wanted this Gold n' Glamour outfit
more than I wanted the doll, but once she
arrived I was smitten. 

I jumped on Mod Friends when the set first came
out, but because of the prep for the sale and move
it was stored away after it arrived.  I was disappointed
that Barbie's right foot was bent when they arrived
and notified Mattel.  They wanted it sent back so they
could see it and then would send me another if they
hand one.  I just decided to keep her.  I love the set,
especially the outfits...but I'm wondering if Christie's
'Tangerine Scene' is going to hold up to the elements
or crack and fray. 

Again I got this for the outfit 'All
That Jazz'.  I have my original TNT
Barbie and didn't really want another
platinum blonde one.  That being said
I really like the outfit although the fabric
is REALLY stiff and the doll is very
pretty.  This is an older reproduction
from around 2005 and I think Mattel
was doing a better job on quality of the

'Red, White and Warm' is an older
reproduction also (2007) and has been
sitting in my closet for quite along time.
I wanted this for the outfit and the doll.
I never had a Marlo flip Barbie and at
the time couldn't afford one (I have gotten
and original one in the meantime).  And
I really wanted this outfit, so cute.

But as an experienced collector I should have
known better and deboxed her when I got her
and removed the outfit.  Mea culpa!

The vinyl coat melded into the box liner so
that when taking her out some of the vinyl was
left behind.  The fushia color of the liner also
bled into the vinyl.  The coat is very fragile,
if you move her arm it just cracks and splits.

If you notice in the first photo her right leg is
also bent in the unnatural position they had her
in the box.  She now has one bowed leg and I
am sure those vinyl boots will not come off

So that has been my afternoon.  The one doll was a
disappointment but it's my own fault.  I still have a
few more reproductions that I got for Christmas that
I haven't opened yet.  So more to come.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

It's Been Ages

Yes it has been...almost six months.  There was a
good reason...we moved!

I decided to take early retirement and The Husband
and I decided we needed a change of scenery to
enjoy our retirement years.  So we spent most of late
summer and early fall getting the house ready for
sale.  We listed in early January and closed at
the end of February.  The Husband did an
excellent job of selling the house 'By Owner'.

We purchased a new house in late's pretty
much perfect for us....bigger, HAHA, most people
go smaller when they retire but not us.  Bigger
lot too, all in all we are very happy.

So we have been in the new place for just 3 weeks and
I am finally starting to get my doll/sewing room
organized.  There is an Ikea less than a 1/2 hour
away which is great. I put in a Kallax workstation
and a smaller 4 cube Kallax unit.  I am going to get
another 4 cube unit next week.  I also have a narrow
Billy bookcase. 

I have 5 wall mounted adjustable shelves in the closet.
It is amazing what you can get into this closet.  I love it!

So I hope to be doing more sewing and dioramas in the
near future.  In the meantime Lisa and Yvonne went
shopping and are very pleased with their new Hello
Kitty outfits.

I love the sweet little dress Yvonne chose!

Friday, August 31, 2018

Oh No You Didn't!

It appears that Lisa and Yvonne have
both made a major fashion faux pas!

But on the bright side they both look

Monday, August 27, 2018

Back to School

Schools starts early here in Florida.
Lisa and Yvonne are checking everyone

Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Girls of Summer

Lisa and Yvonne are making the most
of the last days of summer to wear cute

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Funday with Lisa and Yvonne

Lisa and Yvonne are having playtime.
While Yvonne shows off her Ken doll
Lisa snarfs down pizza!