Friday, October 16, 2020

Friday Fashion - Matching Sisters

 Barbie and Skipper think these matching dresses may be perfect for Thanksgiving dinner.

Barbie's dress is made from vintage Butterick 9993.  I've made it a few times, it sews up easy and fits nicely.  A black belt may look nice, break up the busy pattern a bit.

Skipper's dress is made from vintage McCall's 7480.  It's one of my favorites for her.  

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Friday, October 9, 2020

Barbie Collection Catalog Project - More Vintage Fashions

 I am really enjoying this portion of the cataloging project.  Not that bringing all the dolls out and photographing them wasn't fun but there is just something about the early Barbie clothing that is ..... well, magical.  The quality and detail of these outfits are amazing.

1959-1962  Sweater Girl #976 - Incomplete (Owner Original)
The sweater set is in surprisingly good shape, one small hole, considering how often Barbie wore this outfit.  I need to replace all the snaps on the shell and find a very tiny gold bead to replace the missing one on the cardigan.

1961-1964 Sheath Sensation #986 - Complete (Purchased)

1962-1963 Garden Party #931 - Incomplete (Purchased)

1961-1963 Saturday Date #786 - Complete (Purchased)
The tie is still attached to the original rubber band but I am hesitant to put it over his head so he is holding it.  I need to make him a tie to wear with this and not ruin the original.

The suit jacket is fully lined including set in sleeves.

1963 Swingin' Easy #955 - Incomplete (Owner Original)
This is still one of my favorite dresses.  I prefer this version than the blue one in 'Let's Dance'.

I am sure they had a machine that made all these tiny perfect gathers on this dress.

1963-1964 Fancy Free #943 - Complete
I am surprised that this wasn't a pak dress, it came with shoes, no purse, no nothing.

The cutest couple ever!

Dressing the dolls brings back many memories.  Sometimes things in our house were tumultuous when I was growing up.  Playing with my Barbie was my escape, my coping.  Even though my world wasn't always perfect hers' was.  This is why I love this doll, she was, is and always will be my best friend.  And my fashion muse, since I have no fashion style whatsoever!

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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Barbie Catalog Collection Project - The Clothes....oh, the clothes!

So now that the dolls are all cataloged it's time to move onto the next group I have collected,  the clothes!  I think this will be fun but time consuming because I hope to show the outfits the dolls. And most everything is in various boxes in no particular order. 

 I think it will be a good time to also try and organize all the clothes so they are easily accessible.  Anyone have any good ideas.......because I don't. At the moment I have outfits in cases, in the Susie Goose closet and in ziplock bags in storage boxes.  It's a mess, basically.

Anyway, it's time to get started! 

Outfits are in no particular order but I will try and keep eras together.  I did not put any of the vintage open toe mules on Barbie as they have a tendency of splitting.  I will also make note of outfits that are original from my childhood.

1959-1962 Cotton Casual #912 - Complete (Purchased)

1961-1964 Tennis Anyone #941 - Incomplete (Owner Original)

1962-1963 Time for Tennis #790 - Incomplete (Purchased)

1963 Golden Elegance #992 - Incomplete (Owner Original)
My absolute favorite and most elegant Barbie outfit. Coat is fully lined including set in sleeves.

1963 Theater Date #959 - Complete (Purchased)

1964-1965 Crisp n' Cool #1604 - Complete (Purchased)

1963-1964 Masquerade #944 - Incomplete (Owner Original)

1961-1963 Sport Shorts # 783 - Incomplete (Purchased)

Barbie and Ken getting set to play some tennis.  Barbie's outfit needs another cleaning, I may try a soak in Oxyclean.

As you can see my original outfits are well played with (as is my original doll who is modeling them) and missing a few accessories but I love them all the more.  This is just the start, stay tuned.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Barbie's Dream House

 I never had Barbie's Dream House when I was a kid (I did have the Fashion Shoppe, which I wish, wish, wish they would reproduce) and I missed the first release a few years back.  So I jumped on the new release gift set with bubblecut doll and additional outfits.  Warning: Picture heavy

Looks just like the original. 
2020 Barbie's Dreamhouse Giftset #GNC38-9644

Before setup and move in.

Furniture needs to be assembled.

Bubblecut reproduction and 2 extra outfits

Reproduction 2-piece pajamas 1962-63.  They added blue mules with pom-poms, brush and comb and an alarm clock.

Reproduction Busy Morning #956.  For some reason they included the tray and drinks from Friday Night Date

Reproduction Blonde Bubblecut in turquoise Silk Sheath

She really is very well done.  She is stunning with the hairnet removed and her hair fluffed out (I forget to get a picture.)

Assembling the furniture, time consuming but pretty easy.

Hour and a half later........TaDa!

I made a matching bedspread and pillows.

Babs loves her new digs!

This structure is quite large but folds up nicely.  The only place I can open it full without worrying about the dog is on the dining room table.  I will probably set up specific dioramas for a few days, take pics and then take down.  I like it but did have buyers' remorse after it arrived (it has a hefty price tag) but I sold a Miss Revlon doll and it almost paid for the whole thing.

I would love for Mattel to do the Fashion Shoppe reproduction.  I LOVED mine when I was a kid.  It is a bit larger than the Dream House but I would get it in a minute if they issue it!

So this doll brings my total to 157.  I might ask The Husband for one or 2 new ones for Christmas, just haven't decided yet.  There are a few I want to sell, so I need to work on that before the holidays.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Barbie Collection Catalog Project - The final Dolls

 These are the final dolls in my catalog project. Now I do have 3 MTM dolls, 4 Kelly and Friends, 1 Stacie and 1 Chelsea, but I am not counting them in my collection.  The little dolls are just used as props for some dioramas, I don't collect them.  Kind of the same with the MTM dolls, they are just for dioramas I don't really consider them part of the doll collection but I may change my mind and add them later.

I got this doll because I wanted the animals and I don't have many brunettes from this era (come to think of it I don't have many dolls from this era at all!).  She has a load of hair, almost too much, I may cut it or not.

1996 Pet Doctor Barbie (Brunette - Target Exclusive) #16458

This Kira is beautiful and so is her outfit but the jumpsuit is a pain to get on.

1998 Very Velvet Kira #20531

Last Halloween I decided I needed a Halloween Barbie in my collection and got this one for $7 NRFB.  But of course I removed her from her box.  I like her outfit, the doll is pretty average but okay.

2002 Maskerade Party Barbie #56284

My vintage Francie needed a friend her age and I wanted a brunette Francie without breaking the bank so got this doll.  She is a very nice reproduction.

2016 50th Anniversary Francie #DKN06:HHD353

I got the following two dolls strictly for the historical look at Barbie's iconic black and white swimsuit.  Neither has been removed from box which is unusual for me.

2014 Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversary Swimsuit Edition #BCP84

2009 Then and Now 1959-2009 #P6508

You can not be a Barbie collector and not have a few anniversary dolls.  These dolls are gorgeous and Mattel did a very nice job on the gown, it is beautiful.

2019 60th Anniversary - AA #FXC79-0970-DOM

2019 60th Anniversary #FXD88-0970-DOM

At one point in time I had 3 NRFB 1980 Black Barbies.  I decided I didn't need to be a hoarder and sold 2 to share her beauty with other collectors.  I jumped immediately when they released this doll and I think Mattel did a fantastic job of honoring the first one.

2020 40th Anniversary Black Barbie #GLG35IDC:FOM620

This doll was gifted to me by a friend.  His wife was a Mary Kay consultant for years and this was the only Barbie she ever bought for herself.  After her passing he asked if I would like it as he could think of no one else that would appreciate the doll as me.  I was honored he thought of me and happily accepted her into my collection.

2003 Mary Kay Star Consultant #B2737

My only Teresa doll to date.  I find some of the Teresa's have too big of a forehead in proportion to her face but this one is very beautiful.  Plus she has that cute dalmatian!

1993 TRU Spots n' Dots Teresa #10885

So after about 9 months I have completed cataloging my Barbie dolls (and friends) collection into a database.  So how many dolls you ask?  Not as big as some but bigger than others, really a modest collection.  Without the uncounted dolls mentioned at the beginning of this post the tally is 156!  

I do have plans to sell some of the dolls, maybe after the first of the year, and of course there will always be a new doll to add. (In fact there is one on the way, should be here end of the week!)

I hope you enjoyed seeing the dolls in my collection, stay tune for the cataloging of the individual outfits......should be fun!

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