Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Day at Lydia's Bridal

I have room for one diorama at a time, so
if I want to move on to something else the
current project has to come down.  And so
comes the end of Lydia's Bridal Salon.

But before I take it down I thought I might
try my hand at a little storyline of sorts.

Lydia arrives at the salon where a
shipment of merchandise awaits unpacking.

More shoes! You can never have too
many shoes.

Lydia's friend Trisha arrives with a
vintage frame she found that goes
perfect on the wall.

Trisha is an excellent photographer
and is going to help Lydia put
together a brochure for the salon.
Several of their friends will be the

Lydia thinks Megan is ready for her

Lindsey is going for a beach wedding
look, no veil.

Okasana looks like a Russian princess
in this velvet and fur trim dress.

Sabine is gorgeous in this simple A-line

Halaina looks beautiful in this traditional
style with lots of lace.

This mermaid style gown really shows
off Phoebe's curves.

There is on last dress to to be photographed
and Lydia has chosen Trisha to model it.

Trisha might be the most beautiful
bride ever in this stunning halter gown.

Trisha will make a gorgeous bride
someday, but Daryl hasn't popped
the question yet!

All of our models looked beautiful!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Divergent Tris and Four

I am a Barbie collector, it's what I grew
up with, it's the doll I love.  I stick with
in the Barbie family.....until now.

I couldn't pass up the sale Barbie
Collector was having on these dolls.
And yes, while they are still made by
Mattel from the same Barbie bodies
and face molds, they are really not
Barbies or family to me.

They are nice dolls.  I really just wanted
Tobias (Four) as a date for some of my
new Barbies.  Tristyn (Tris) was just too
reasonably priced to leave behind.


I think Tobias will fit in nicely, but
the verdict is still out on Tristyn. I find
her a little, well blah.....harsh I know.
But she will stick around for the time
being, maybe she will grow on me.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Dinner Date Barbie #19037 1997

I got this doll when I got Steve.  She was a good
price and with combined shipping.....well you
know the story.

Although her hair needs depoofing, I
love the color and cut.  I would love
to find a doll similar to this with really
black hair.
I find her dress kind of a contradiction,
sparkly and flashy but yet kinda puritan
and pilgrimish.  And 2 of those little seed
pearl buttons are just in the wrong spot!
But the little chain at the waist is cute!

She has a pretty face so she will be
staying.  Her name is Phoebe.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Movie Date Ken - AA # 29261 2000

I like to have my dolls hang out with
dolls of their era or as close as I can
get as possible.  Some of the dolls have
began to pair off, ie Darryl and Trisha.

When I was doing the Bridal Salon diorama
I kept thinking Lydia needs someone and I
didn't have anyone to foot the bill.  I have
two early 80's AA Kens but I don't think they
would fit well together.  Besides Curtis has
his sights on Sharla so we don't want to get
into the middle of that.  I have Jonas the
Texas A&M cheerleader but it just didn't feel
So I searched eBay and there he was, her perfect
man.  Turns out he's Movie Date Ken, but he is
Lydia's husband, Steven Lundin.

He's perfect for her and I think he is
quite good looking.  He has a great

Don't they look adorable together!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Barbie Look - City Shine # CJF50

Uh, oh, another model muse to add to the
already volatile mix.  Meet Gwendolyn.

I was thinking of getting the one with the
short black hair but after seeing her in
person didn't really care for her.  But this
one caught my eye.....that hair!

She is beautiful.  Roxane is still my
favorite but I think Gwendolyn is nipping
at her heels for the hotest model muse in
the house.
One thing I don't care for is the color of
her dress, not a fan of red and purple.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Reproduction AA Francie #17607 1996

 I would never be able to afford an original
issue of this doll as they didn't make that many and
the prices are sky high. So I am settling for this
reproduction one.

She is so cute!  The outfit is a reproduction
of  'The Wild Bunch'.  And wild is an
understatement.  The outfit is nicely made
and very detailed.  I didn't notice until
after I had the pictures taken and uploaded
that she is sporting a gold chain necklace

Francie has such a sweet face, I always
loved her.  At the moment this little lady
is nameless.  That usually doesn't happen
but I am sure the right one will come to me.