Thursday, July 30, 2015

Spiegel Summer Sophisticate # 15591 1996

I have to admit I am a little disappointed in this doll
and wasn't sure I was going to keep her.
I do not like her skintone, it's very pinkish.  I don't
know what face sculpt this is but it's very blah. She
looks kind of stuffy or matronly to me.
The dress and jacket are kinda cute and retro but that
flower pin and hat may have to go.  Her shoes were
very cheap mules, they barely stay on, though they
are a pretty pearlized pink, I would have preferred a
pair of pumps. The purse is , eh, ok.

But I have decided to keep her and she is now Sylvia.
She has earned a spot in my little dolldom.

Monday, July 27, 2015

HOT....Sparkle Girlz Outfits

There have been a lot of new Sparkle Girlz outfits
available at Walmart recently.  The outfits are
really hot and look great on the girls!
Kimberly and Kaelyn look fabulous in these leggings
with cute peplum tops.
Alexa and Quinn are ready for date night in these lovely frocks.
Eden and Nikki are ready for a night of dancing in these
sensational outfits.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Mod Hair Ken # 4224 1973-76

I kinda got a thing for Ken's with rooted hair.  This is
Dave.  Reminds me of the Cheech and Chong skit 'Waiting
for Dave'......!

I got this guy on eBay for a pretty good price.  This is
how he came, needs a bath and his eyebrows touched
up, but that's about it.  I figure I can make him a brown
checked jacket and brown slacks like his original togs.
His chest is not discolored, just a shadow.  I think he
will fit in nicely with my hippie girls, Free & PJ.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Texas A & M Ken 2012

# X9207 aka Lucas
# X9208 aka Jonah
I got these boys late last year when Walmart had them
on sale for $10 each.  I just got around to deboxing
They both look kinda pissed off to me.....maybe they
don't like the white jumpsuits.

Anyway, I think they will make nice arm candy for my model 
muse gals......once they get some new clothes.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Daria and Mary Elizabeth

Aren't they cute?  Daria and Mary Elizabeth are also
raiding their big sis's closet.  These are 2 of the fashion
single paks from Mattel. These actually fit them a little
better than the Sparkle Girl (not as short).  But the 
Sparkle Girls has such a larger variety.  I am hoping
Mattel comes out with more.
Daria shines in this yellow halter dress with cute little
white collar, adorable!  This is my favorite Skipper doll
(Phone Fun), she just looks so happy.
Mary Elizabeth looks grown up and stylish in this 
purple sheath.  It's funny, this doll has articulated 
arms, yet when I try to pose her she looks stiff and
awkward while Daria looks.....well, cute.  Go figure.

Anyway, the girls have been having fun trying to find
clothes that fit them and look stylish.  At least now 
they have a few more optins.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Star Skater Christie # 25789 2000

I have been looking to add a doll with the Asha face
mold to my collection for awhile.  I found this Walmart
doll on eBay.  I liked her hairstyle and she was reasonable.
This is Lydia Lundin.
I think she is very pretty and even though I did't buy
her because she was a skater I think her outfit is
prettier than the one on the Jewel Skater doll.

Now I'm thinking I need to have a skate-off!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Jewel Skating Barbie #23239 1999

I got this doll in a lot of NRFB. dolls. She has the Mackie 
face so I decided to keep her.

This is Oksanna.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Splash n' Color Ken #16170 1996

I've been collecting a few Kens from different eras to
go with my Ladies.  He's pretty good looking and
his hair changes color when it gets wet (I haven't tried
it yet).  This is Brian.

He does have beautiful blue eyes.  I'm thinking the Ladies
might like him!