Monday, October 3, 2016

Photo Shoot: Eden and Collette

I have been going through my
dolls and culling some from the
herd.  I will put items I am thinking
of getting rid of in a box and revisit
them a few weeks later just to make
sure it is time for them to go and there
won't be any regrets later.

Eden and Collette were in the box.

I was still sitting on the fence with them.  Eden
because glue was leaking through her hair,making
her bangs gummy.  Collette, well her and I never
have really bonded.  But I felt like playing
dress up and thought I would give them another

Eden has always been one of my favorites
but I really don't feel like digging glue out
of her head.

But she really is quite pretty and has a way
about her.


And I do love her hair.  Right now the glue
has only leaked a little in front but I am sure
it will get worse.

As I have said before, Collette and I have
never bonded.  I think she is cute and
adorable, different looking from the
other girls.

The more I redressed and photographed
her the more I liked her.  I especially love
her in this aqua mini with the sheer mullet

Soooo, for the moment these 2 ladies have
made it out of 'to go' box and back into
the collection.  Although Eden's days may be
numbered if her head continues to leak!


  1. This is such a personal decision. Once I bring a doll into the house, I usually keep her. But many I no longer use and as the house is filling up, I made the decision to put some of those away. I figure if something is out of my sight and I don't miss it, then I might be tempted to give it away. But for the moment, I'm not there yet.

    1. Forgot to say, if you do an online search, there are ways to get rid of the glue heads, (I'm told).

    2. I am not a huge fan of the modern Barbies but do like the few I have, but they are easier to part with than my vintage ones!

    3. Almost all the stuff I have seen on getting rid of the glue in the popping off the head and digging it out. It doesn't look pleasant depending on how much glue is in the head.

  2. Good for Eden and Colette getting to stay in the collection. I do hate that sticky glue issue so many dolls end up having.

    I have to say, when 'Colette' came out, a lot of people really liked her. All I see in her is a very fair Nikki. I don't particularly like that sculpt, so I passed on her.