Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Francie in Fall

I don't have a lot of outfits for
my Francie doll and there are
limited patterns available for her.
I am trying to modify some of
the patterns I have.  Here is my
first attempt.

The blouse is made from a dress pattern.
It's not horrible but not great.  It needs
more work.  The pants pattern was for
bell bottoms.  I just made them into
slim leg pants.  They turned out much

At least she has a few more clothing
options now.  And a few more blouses
in yellow or orange will extend her


  1. I think the outfit came out good. The top does have a sort of '70's vibe, but I think it's just because the sleeves are kind of bell. But I like loose sleeves like that. The combination of fabric is very nice.

    1. Thanks, I was going for that 60's - 70's look!

  2. Hey Chris, that outfit looks might good. Your doll wears those colors well!

  3. Nice work. Love the sleeves on the top and the pants look great :)