Friday, August 5, 2016

Rehab at Standstill

This is what I hate when you can't do a job yourself
and must rely on others.....waiting.  They still have
not scheduled our flooring job yet!

Meanwhile the majority of my doll stuff has already
been packed away and I am out of scheduled posts.
Plus I am having doll withdrawal.

So I have been planning and cutting outfits (no
sewing as all machines are packed) and doing a
little shopping (idle hands always make their way
to eBay).

Here are my first purchases.

Barbie Look City Shine and Finnick.  (Sorry
for the horrible pictures.)  I found both dolls
on sale for a very good price with free shipping.

I really didn't need the City Shine doll but think
she is very pretty.  I felt I had room for another
modern gent so decided Finnick would fit
nicely.  Their names will be changed once I
decide where they fit in the scheme of things.

Stay tuned for my other purchases...and keep your
fingers crossed that this flooring projects get
started soon!


  1. Ha ha ha....I certainly know what you mean by "idle hands make their way to eBay." Congratulations on the two new dolls. They are both stunning! The Barbie Look Shine is one hot little number!!! And Finnick is a REALLY handsome Ken doll!

    1. Finnick is quite the 'doll'. The ladies are going to be fighting over him and they are not going to be happy when they see City Shine.....just more competition!

  2. both dolls are still under my wishlist hehhee

    do visit and follow my blog back if u have some time... :D

    1. Thanks for stopping, hopefully things will get back to normal here in the next month. I looked in at your blog briefly......will be going back for more!

  3. That is so aggravating to have to rely on people to get stuff done and then for it to be drug out. Hang in there. You got some nice additions and as along as they were at a good price, you can say you have productive hands. :-)