Sunday, December 27, 2015

I Was Good This Year!

Santa thought I was a good girl this year
and gave me some very nice presents!

Some arm candy for the ladies.  Great
Date Ken, aka Edward and Movie Date
Ken, aka Andrew.  My collection of
Kens with rooted hair grows!

Of course the guys need proper attire to take the
ladies out!

Some furniture and accessories for future dioramas.
They will need a coat of paint though!

Trying to expand Francie and Skipper's wardrobes.
The Francie 'Gad About' outfit is a reproduction. 
The groovy pink polyester pants suit is for Francie/
Becky.  Not sure if it is a reproduction or vintage, will
need to do some research.  The Skipper 'Town Togs'
is vintage, only missing the belt! The Skipper
Fashion Avenue is super cute, love the little jeans

Saw this doll and had to put her on my
list.....she is so cute and different from
past Barbies, very Poppy Parker.  Trying
to decide on her will come to me.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Sunday, December 6, 2015

My Little Helpers

Started to put up the tree today and some
of my "boys" showed up to lend a .....uh,
hand so to speak......

John Pope, Chuck and Tobias discuss
where the tree should go.

Let's get this tree outta here.

All together now men!

Heave ho!

Oops, man down!

Uh oh, something has caught their attention.

Hey, where'd they go?

Oh no......the Model Muses...Roxanne
Benevento, Charmayne Scot and

Well, hellooooo ladies!

John Pope and Chuck try to impress them with their
large Christmas balls.

John Pope takes out Chuck with his ball.

Tobias gets all the ladies to himself.

Meanwhile, John Pope and Chuck duke
it out.

Chuck KO's John Pope and claims his hat in victory.

Alright gentlemen, back to work.

Finally, we reach the tree summit.

Okay guys help me out here, check the lights.

It took double the time to get the tree up with these
guys help.......never send a doll to do a woman's job!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Meet the New Guy: Marine Corp Ken #5352 1991

Honestly I don't know what my problem is
lately.....I was suppose to have this up on
Weds., for Veteran's Day.

Meet Captain Derrick Montgomery, U.S.M.C.

Derrick is an old friend of Steve Lundin's.
They met in high school and attended the
same college and were even roomies.  After
graduation, Derrick joined the Marines and
entered OCS.

He has recently returned from deployment
and since he doesn't know anyone Lydia
fixed him up with Sabine for the Veteran's

Sabine is wearing Fashion Avenue #14980.
They look very nice together but this is
a first date......not sure if it is going

A belated salute to all our veterans, thank
you for your service and sacrifice.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

I almost didn't get this up in time. I
am not into Halloween but that doesn't
mean the dolls can't have fun.

Steve, Lydia, Trisha and Daryl take a break
from doing The Monster Mash to pose for
pics at the Halloween Dance.
All clothing is made by me except Steve's
argyle shirt.  Obviously Trisha and Daryl
LOVE to match their outfits.  Lydia's dress
is made from a black sock tied at the waist
with orange/black polka dot ribbon (which
you can't see).

The Ladies.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Who Wore It Best

I picked up duplicates of some of the Barbie
fashion packs.  I couldn't resist doing a few
'Who Wore It Best' a la' Fashion Police.

Up first we have Gwendolyn and Regan
in my favorite fashion pack dress.
I'm giving this one to Regan, she looks
great in this dress.  I just don't think
this dress fits Gwendolyn that well.  It's
a little short and puffs out at her derriere,
not very attractive.

Here we have Charmaine Scot and Quinn.
I don't know if it's her attitude or what but
this one goes to Charmaine. It's not that
Quinn doesn't look good but Charmaine
looks......well, hot!

I may pick up some more duplicates of
the fashion packs and do more 'Who
Wore it Best'. Kinda fun!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Steve's Outfit

This was the first Ken outfit I ever made.
I actually made it late last year but just
got around to showing it.

This is my favorite shirt pattern for Ken so
far.  It is a 60's vintage, Butterick 2519.  It
fits all the Ken's perfectly.

I took really good care when cutting it
out so that the designs are nicely centered
on the front and back.  I have several
of these cut out, the fabric options are
endless.  I love making them.

The pants were a different story.

With his shirt on they look fine so I
wasn't inclined to mess with them much,
just added the rubberband belt to keep
them up.
I think maybe the pattern called for an
elastic waist (which I hate) and I just
ignored the instructions, which I do at
times.  Instead I found a better pattern
for Ken pants which you saw previously
on Daryl.  That is also a vintage pattern,
McCall's 6901.  It is a much better fit
(even if they close in back!!!!).

Friday, October 2, 2015

Closing Time

Lydia has had a hard but productive
day getting all the models and gowns
photographed.  Steve has come to
pick her up for dinner.

"Hey, baby, how'd it go today?" Steve
"It went very well.  The ladies were all
so beautiful.  The brochure will really
enhance my sales.  Trisha did an
excellent job and she looked soooo
pretty in one of the gowns.  Daryl
needs to get off his butt and put a
ring on that girl!" Lydia

"Come on Miss Matchmaker, let's get
you some dinner.  I'm sure Daryl has
everything under control." Steve 

"Do you know something I don't?  What
aren't you telling me?" Lydia
"Let's go my dear, I am famished....." Steve

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Day at Lydia's Bridal

I have room for one diorama at a time, so
if I want to move on to something else the
current project has to come down.  And so
comes the end of Lydia's Bridal Salon.

But before I take it down I thought I might
try my hand at a little storyline of sorts.

Lydia arrives at the salon where a
shipment of merchandise awaits unpacking.

More shoes! You can never have too
many shoes.

Lydia's friend Trisha arrives with a
vintage frame she found that goes
perfect on the wall.

Trisha is an excellent photographer
and is going to help Lydia put
together a brochure for the salon.
Several of their friends will be the

Lydia thinks Megan is ready for her

Lindsey is going for a beach wedding
look, no veil.

Okasana looks like a Russian princess
in this velvet and fur trim dress.

Sabine is gorgeous in this simple A-line

Halaina looks beautiful in this traditional
style with lots of lace.

This mermaid style gown really shows
off Phoebe's curves.

There is on last dress to to be photographed
and Lydia has chosen Trisha to model it.

Trisha might be the most beautiful
bride ever in this stunning halter gown.

Trisha will make a gorgeous bride
someday, but Daryl hasn't popped
the question yet!

All of our models looked beautiful!