Thursday, May 19, 2016

Vintage Life: Barbie and Skipper - Morning Routine

"Skipper what are you doing in my're going to
be late for school and make me late for work.  Hurry up
and get dressed."  (Barbie)
"I'm tired of school.  When is summer vacation?  When
is Cousin Francie coming? I don't want to go...." (Skipper)
"School will be out soon enough and your cousin will be
here before you know it. Now here are your clothes...get
dressed." (Barbie)
Yes, ma'am. (Skipper)

"I don't want to wear this."  (Skipper)
"Just get dressed, please!" (Barbie)
"Yes, Ma'am." (Skipper)

"Here let me button you up." (Barbie)

"I need to finish my makeup and hair.  I'll only be a
minute." (Barbie)

"Do you think the red shoes and purse are too bold?
This dress is a little plain." (Barbie)
"Looks okay, I guess.  Are we picking up Scooter and
 her Mom for the walk to school?" (Skipper)
"Evelyn had to go into work a little early today, so she
dropped Scooter off.  Do you have your lunch box?"
"Yes, ma'am." (Skipper)
"Then let's go." (Barbie)

Fashion Notes:  All outfits made by me using vintage patterns.


  1. Skipper sounds just like my daughter about going to school! I love the clothes you made for them.

    1. Thanks, Phyllis......Skipper sounds like every little girl I know!

  2. Oh how I know these scenes only mine is not so easy going:-) Love the clothes

  3. OMG!!!! These are all yours!! You have a very impressive and valuable collection there!! Don't ever part with them!! (Put them in your will!!!!) I am totally in awe!!! P.S You did a great job on those clothes too!)

    1. Thanks, April. You really don't want to look at clothes too closely 😬

  4. Barbie has a nice room! I really like the robe. It's pretty and comfortable looking.

    1. Thanks, Janainah. All vintage Susie Goose.