Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day - May 30, 2016

We take pause today to
remember and honor
those who gave 
everything for our
Thank you.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Vintage Life: Barbie and Skipper - Morning Routine

"Skipper what are you doing in my're going to
be late for school and make me late for work.  Hurry up
and get dressed."  (Barbie)
"I'm tired of school.  When is summer vacation?  When
is Cousin Francie coming? I don't want to go...." (Skipper)
"School will be out soon enough and your cousin will be
here before you know it. Now here are your clothes...get
dressed." (Barbie)
Yes, ma'am. (Skipper)

"I don't want to wear this."  (Skipper)
"Just get dressed, please!" (Barbie)
"Yes, Ma'am." (Skipper)

"Here let me button you up." (Barbie)

"I need to finish my makeup and hair.  I'll only be a
minute." (Barbie)

"Do you think the red shoes and purse are too bold?
This dress is a little plain." (Barbie)
"Looks okay, I guess.  Are we picking up Scooter and
 her Mom for the walk to school?" (Skipper)
"Evelyn had to go into work a little early today, so she
dropped Scooter off.  Do you have your lunch box?"
"Yes, ma'am." (Skipper)
"Then let's go." (Barbie)

Fashion Notes:  All outfits made by me using vintage patterns.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

VINTAGE LIFE circa 1955

Meet the Vintage Life characters:

Barbie Roberts:

Barbie is single and became guardian to her
younger sister, Skipper, when their parents
died in an auto accident.  She is currently
a file clerk at Huege Enterprises and is taking
bookkeeping classes at The Barton Women's
Academy of Business.  She lives with her
sister in a two bedroom walkup in the
Crestmont area of Mid City.

Skipper Roberts:

Barbie's little sister.  She attends
Mid City Elementary school.
Best friend of Scooter.

Francie Fairchild:

Barbie and Skipper's cousin.  She
spends summers with them, helping
to look after Skipper. 

 Midge Hadley:

Barbie's best friend since they were little.
She still lives with her parents. She works 
at Bundell's, one of Mid City's
finest department stores. 

 Evelyn Brown:

Evelyn lives across the hall from Barbie.
She is a widow with a little girl, Scooter,
who is best friends with Skipper.  She also
works at Huege Enterprises in the 
secretarial pool.

 Scooter Brown:

Evelyn's daughter and Skipper's best
friend.  She also attends Mid City
Elementary school. 

 Jeanelle LaFontaine:

Works with Midge at Bundell's.

 Barbara Cooper:

Works as a waitress at the
Mid City Diner. 

Brenda Hartwell:
A nurse at Mid City Hospital.

 Veronica Laine:

Reporter for 'Ladies Life'

Beverly St. Johns:

Lives in the same building as
Barbie.  No one knows much
about her, she doesn't appear
to have a job or a husband!
 Vivian Huege:

Socialite married to William Huege,
President of Huege Enterprises. 
They live in a high rise in the exclusive
Avalon Park area of Mid City.

 Joan Bundell:

Married to Bob Bundell, head of
Bundell's Department Store.  Best
friend of Vivian.  They live in the 
same high rise.

  Ava Winter:

Singer and actress.  She
also lives in the same 
Avalon Park high rise as
Vivian and Joan.

  Ken Carson:


  Allan Sherwood:


William Huege:

President of Huege Enerprises.  Married
to Vivian.

 Cindy Pelton:

 Student at Mid City Elementary
school.  Sometime friend of 
Skipper and Scooter.

 Sally Drake

Student at Mid City Elementary 
school.  Considers Cindy Pelton
her best friend.  Sometime
friend of Skipper and Scooter.  

Sunday, May 15, 2016

What Happens When I Start To Think

I was thinking the other day that I have too many dolls (right
after one showed up in the mail and another was purchased
on Ebay).  I am beginning to feel a little overwhelmed by
them and my quest to make clothes and dioramas for them
all.  Seems I have more dolls and ideas than time and energy.

So I started pulling out all my dolls to see who could go, starting
with my vintage and vintage reproductions.  Well as they were
standing all lined up it was clear... none of THEM were
going anywhere, they are my favorites but an idea did start to
form in my little brain.

What if I divided my dolls up into groups, some of them have
already formed little cliques, and if one didn't fit into any of
the groups.....well, they would go on their merry way to a
new home.

I already had my first group formed, Vintage Life.  As I looked
at all these dolls I decided they all needed a backstory and those
backstories would interconnect all the dolls in this group.  And I
could make small dioramas based on these groups and stories

Now I'm cookin'.....other groups started to form in my little brain.
This could be fun!  This was like play!
Stay tuned!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Golden Dream Christie #3249 1980

New doll in the house!

I have wanted this doll for a long time
now, but the prices were outrageous.  But
good things come to those who wait........

Her box wasn't in the best shape, but I
don't keep them anyway.

I love her two-tone hair!  I think she is
one of the prettiest dolls and I am very
happy to add her to my collection.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Fashion Friday

One pattern......many dresses!

This is my favorite dress to make for the ladies.  I
am not creative (or patient) enough to draft my
own patterns so rely on commercial ones, both
vintage and modern.   This is actually a somewhat
modern pattern (1998).

It fits all of my dolls except for the belly
button ones.  I think it is drafted nicely
and the instructions well written. 

I have plans to make the bathing suit and over-
skirt someday, too!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Yvonne - Made to Move

I added this MTM doll awhile back
but just haven't had time to introduce meet Yvonne.

Yvonne and Esme are BFFs, they share everything,
especially their clothes.  They're just hanging out
trying to find the perfect outfit for Yvonne.

Looks like Yvonne has settled on this cute skirt and comes the hard part, which shoes?