Sunday, April 23, 2017

Something's Gotta Give

Once again I find myself adrift with my
dolls.  I am at a loss most days when I
get into the doll room.  Do I want to
build dioramas, do I want to write
stories, do I want to sew......ugh!  I
end up doing nothing.  When I am
at work all I can think of is all the
things I want to do but once at home
the plans go out the window.

I am beginning to think I have: 1) too
many dolls (well, I knew that already) and
2) too many ideas I want to do.  I am
overwhelming myself before I get started.

Even when I do decide to do something
I get bogged down.  If I decide to sew,
what and I going to sew? For which doll?
Then it's deciding on the pattern, sifting
through dozens of them for the right one.
And let's not even talk about picking out the
right fabric or trying to find it.....there's
even more fabric than patterns!

Dioramas.....since space is so limited this
is a problem.  I have one 14" x 28" shelf
to utilize (nothing can be lower than 4'
off the ground because of a large nosy

I don't know how some of you ladies
do it, you impress me.  You have these
little Barbie villages in your house and
I am envious.

I just don't know what I want to do with
these dolls!!!!  Something that should
be giving me pleasure is causing me

Something's gotta give!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Olivia and Roger Brentwood

Just spent a lazy Easter Sunday deboxing
my Silkstones.

Roger is wearing his suit from New England
Escape and Olivia is wearing her Continental
Holiday outfit.  She was going to wear her 
New England Escape outfit except for one
teeny, tiny problem...........

She can't get her right hand through the
jacket sleeve!  She also can't get her right
hand through her Continental Holiday

It appears Mrs. Brentwood has a drinking
problem and her hand is stretched wide
to accommodate hoisting a pint!  The
width of her hand is 5/8", the jacket sleeve
cuff opening is about 1/2" and the coat
(which is the outfit she came with, mind
you) is maybe 3/8".

Has anyone else encountered this problem?
Is it just this model of Silkstone or do they
all have a catcher's mitt for a right hand?

Her arm is cocked to rest on her hip, similar
to several of the Model Muse dolls I have.
But their thumb is not that splayed out from
the rest of the hand.

I am very disappointed.  It took me a long time
to find  a Silkstone I liked (most of the eye
makeup is too much for me).  I really like her
but if she can't wear the beautiful outfits then
Mr. Brentwood may be looking for a new wife.