Monday, August 31, 2015

Let's Hear it for the Boys

I have been trying to add a few more Kens to my
collection.   I really needed some guys that could
handle the model muses, Taryn and Natalya are
pretty even tempered.....but Roxanne and Charmayne,
well they're a couple of firecrackers!

So I added these two guys.

Harley Davidson Ken #22255   1998

This was the first Harley Ken issued.  His outfit
is very detailed and well made.  You can't see it
but he has a fairly long ponytail.

The ladies are going to love him.  I have 
named him John Pope.  If any of you
watch the TNT series 'Falling Skies' you
will recognize the name as one of the 
characters.  This guy is the spitting
image of that guy and when I saw him the 
name stuck.

Harley Davidson Ken # 25638   1999

This was the second issue Harley Ken.  
His outfit is also well made and very detailed.

 He is also quite handsome...look at the
chest hair!  I think he looks like Chuck
Norris, so of course that name stuck.

I'm not sure what I am going to do for
alternative clothing for these two.  They
can't wear the biker gear to every function.

I think there is going to be some fighting
over these men!  HubbaHubba!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Roxanne and Charmayne

The girls are just hanging out today.
Roxanne's outfit looks to be from the late 90's.
Charmayne's dress looks to be from early to mid 2000.
I got them both in some mixed lots off eBay.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lydia's Bridal Salon

Welcome to Lydia's Bridal Salon!
This is my third diorama and I am very happy with it so far.  I think it may need just a few
more finishing touches but Lydia is ready for business.
Lydia welcomes Mrs. Sylvia O'Brien, mother of bride to be, Carrah.
Lydia helps Carrah (aka Wedding Day Midge) find the perfect dress for her.
Carrah is stunning in this gown.
"Oh, Mother, this is definitely the one!" exclaims Carrah.  Lydia and Mrs. O'Brien discuss
the cost and any needed alterations.  
A happy first customer!

I am still very new at doing dioramas and don't have
a lot of furniture pieces or accents and accessories
accumulated yet.  This little shelving unit for the 
shoes is the first piece of furniture I have made.  It's 
not perfect but not a bad first piece.  It is made of 
foamcore board.
I also made the sign and pictures.  A few months ago I bought some artwork from
for our house, now every other month or so they send me a small catalog of artwork.  Most
of the pictures are perfect for the 1:6 dioramas.  I cut them down to the mat and mounted
on black foam with a 1/4" border. 
I think they look great!

All in all I am very pleased with my effort.  I plan to play with this a little bit, add some
more items and rotate other dolls in and out. In other!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Taryn and Natalya

Taryn and Natalya have raided the BB Barbies closet
again.  Here they are ready for an afternoon of lunch
and shopping.  Taryn is wearing a top and skirt from a
Fashion gift pack and Natalya is wearing a little red 
dress from the single value packs.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Groovy Gals

Stacey and Bailey lookin' groovey!
Stacey found this bargain on eBay, vintage Gypsy 
Spirit # 1458 from 1970. Near mint condition except the vest is
missing the gold soutache ties. It was complete with little
pink hanger.
Bailey's dress while mod and wild, it is probably from the 
90's, it has a pink 'B' label.  This outfit was also 
found on eBay with these oh so groovey boots.....the
entire back portion is hinged so they are easy off and on,
how genius is that!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Peasant Style

I don't have many outfits from the 70's and am trying
to reproduce some of the Best Buy era types.  I have
made a few sundress straight from a 1970's pattern
that look very nice.
I wanted a more peasant or gypsy look so took a bodice 
from one pattern and a skirt from another, added some 
other details and these are the results.

Free's outfit is a little more 'southern belle' than 
peasant or gypsy, I think.  It's a little too poufy, though
maybe it's just the fabric is not soft enough. But I
like it.
I think P.J.'s outfit came out better and is my favorite
of the two.  I like the suspender style, it looks cute.
I have some eyelet and gingham fabrics that have a
very soft hand so may use them to try some more
variations of these dresses.

All in all not bad outfits and my hippie ladies have more
a few more clothing options.  They are happy!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Matched Set

Well, I've been a busy little sewer.  Trisha and Daryl
look quite fetching in these matching outfits.  All
clothing made by me.
I have made this type of dress several times but
this is only the second pants and shirt I have made.
I am still trying different pants patterns to get the 
best fit, but have used the same vintage shirt pattern
as it has worked out both times.
Does anyone know which Barbie this is?  I got her 
in a box lot about a year ago and all I can guess is
that she is from the 90's.  I think she is absolutely 
gorgeous.  I love her thick platinum hair, I am
wondering if perhaps it was cut? But I like the
length. UPDATED: Trisha has been identified as
1997 Sweetheart Barbie.
Trisha and Daryl make a cute couple.  Kinda got a
rockabilly vibe goin' on.   They need a shiny muscle car
to cruise around town in.