Friday, February 26, 2016

Mod Hair Ken outfit

My Mod Hair Ken, Dave, did not
come with his original outfit.  I
like to dress my dolls in the era
they are from, whether an original
vintage outfit or homemade, and
his loud checked jacket and turtle-
neck SCREAMED 70's.

I thought about trying to find his
outfit on eBay but figured I
needed more practice making Ken
clothes so decided to make a similar

I had a black/green check that was about
the right scale.  I made black pants and a
black long sleeve turtleneck. 

The pants fit great, I used my go to 60's
vintage pattern for them.  The jacket
and turtleneck are also a vintage pattern
from the 70's but seem a little large.

The sleeves on the turtleneck were
really long and if I make again will
need to be shortened.  The jacket
body was very large and boxy but
the sleeves were just about right.

For a first try on the jacket it's not to
bad, the turtleneck is good.

Dave is ready to go out on the town!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Francie Hill-riders #1210 1968-69

Francie is wearing Hill-riders from 1968-69.
This was one of my favorite outfits for her
even though it is a pain to get the sweater on.
It is in pristine condition except that the
under arm seam came undone (probably
got caught on her fingers putting it on).
Until I find matching thread to stitch it
up she is wearing one of the 3 sweaters
my friend, Carol, made.

It's just a little large and the color is not
quite perfect, but I think it looks pretty
good on her.

Carol has knit several sweaters and skirts for
my dolls.  Since I am all thumbs at crafts like
knitting and crochet I am amazed at these
tiny little wonders, her stitches are so, so small
and even.  I will be showcasing more of her
work soon.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Househunting with Gabrielle

I was at Target and stumbled across
Barbie's Glam Getaway.  It's perfect
for me and my ladies as it doesn't
take up much room.

Gabrielle jumped at the chance to be
the first to look at it.  She would love
a little place all her own in Paris.

That doorway is a little small.

The bed is firm, very firm.....the blanket
and plastic pillow would have to go!

This is

Ugh...why does Mattel insist on putting a
toilet in these little houses......and
right next to the bed.  They could have
put a little vanity here....or better yet
a closet!

This little kitchen is adorable and I
like all the windows, lots of sunlight.

Gabrielle's just not sure this is the right place
for her.  It is very pink and purple.  It would need
some renovating.  She needs a second opinion.

Esme makes herself at home.  She thinks the bed
is very comfortable.

It's a really cute place.  If Gabrielle doesn't take
it Esme might!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Esmerelda Goes Shopping

Not one to waste a good diorama,
Esemerlda visited La Petite Robe
Boutique before demolition to find
a new outfit.

Esme's not too sure about this one,
especially the shoes........

This is so unattractive with those little
ankle knobs showing!

This is cute for hiking.  Esme loves the

I don't think the bare shoulder look is
quite right for her but the shoes are much

Now these make her legs look long and
lean and also hide the ankle knobs.

This is perfect!  The top shows a little
interest at the shoulders but hides the
joints too!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Esmerelda aka Made to Move Barbie

The Husband surprised me with a MTM  Barbie
for my birthday on our vacation.  This is Esmerelda
or Esme for short.

She really cute and quite bendable!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

It's A Major Award!

Sorry this is late, I was on a short vacation to
Jeykll Island, GA for my 60th!!!! birthday. I had
a great time but I am so far behind at work almost hate to take time off.

It appears I have been nominated for a Liebster
award by April of 'Fashion Doll Stylist' and Jewell
of 'Doll-Lightful'.  I would love to answer all your
questions but I picked some from each one.   Thank
you both so much for nominating me.

Now on to the questions......

1)  What was it about the first doll you ever bought
that prompted you to start a collection?  Well, the
doll that started it all was actually bought by my
parents, a 1963 Bubblecut Barbie.  They added 3
more to my little collection and I still have all 4 of
them.  I always loved the clothes and that is what
has continued my interest in Barbie, plus she is so
darn pretty!

2)  When you get a new doll, how does that make
you feel and what do you do right after de-boxing?
A new doll makes me feel 'HAPPY'!  The doll usually
goes up on the display shelf for awhile after deboxing.

3)  Do you name all your dolls?  If so, where do you
get ideas for their names?
I love names, so naming my dolls is one of my
favorite things!  I have a book on names and the
internet is a great place for name lists.  Usually I
just look at the doll and her/his name will come to me.
I think each doll has a personality or reminds us of
someone.  Sometimes a last name will just pop too,
like Roxanne Benevento and Gabrielle Ferrand.  If I
have trouble naming a doll I put it out so I can look
and ponder it or flip through my name book and try
out different ones.  But it doesn't happen very often
that a name doesn't come.  That being said,I have one
doll now that I can not connect with a name.  If I don't
come up with something soon she may have to go!

4) What doll related projects are you currently working
I am trying to finish sewing the 4-5 outfits I cut out last
year before I start any new sewing projects.  I also just
got a Barbie Glam Getaway House that I would like to
repaint and make into a little Paris apartment for Gabrielle.

5)  How do you organize your dolls' clothes, accessories,
I wish I could come up with a foolproof way to organize
things so I could find them easily but here is my best plan
so far.  All the vintage and reproduction outfits are stored
within the 8 vintage doll cases and my Susie Goose wardrobe.
All other outfits and things are stored in photo boxes broken
down by categories like Fashion Avenue, Handmade,
Sparkle Girls and such. Nothing fancy butit works to a point
and the boxes stack nicely on shelves. I don't have too many
props but small items are kept in photo boxes and larger
furniture in an ottoman.

6)  What motivated you to start writing a blog?
It gave me a reason to play more with my dolls.  Most were still
in boxes (except for the vintage ones) and I was tired of just
looking at them.  So I decided to start deboxing them and making
more clothes.  I just thought it would be a fun way to
catalog what I had.  But of course, it lead to getting
more dolls and more know how that goes!

7) How do you decide what to add or purge from your
I've been collecting dolls for over 50 years, it's always changing.
I did a major purge out of necessity when we moved to Florida
keeping only very treasured dolls.  I have added much more over
the past few years but am reaching that point where it's time to
seriously look at where I want this collection to be.  I will start
with the dolls that I only bought for their outfits.  The outfits
can stay but they will most likely go.  Then I will look at dolls
that I have not deboxed yet and go from there.  Clothes never go!
I will always add new outfits.  I never had any props so have
bought a lot the past year but think I have enough now to make
some nice dioramas.  I will be more selective now making sure
the prop has a place in a scene.

8)  What kind of camera do you use to take your photos?
My iPad!  I know my pictures could be better but it's that or
my iPhone.  I'm pretty low tech.

9)  What challenges does this hobby (or blog) present? (What
have you learned?)  I find it hard to pick one project sometimes
and get overwhelmed by all my choices causing me not get
anything done.  I try to post to the blog at least once a week,
but work and other things happen.  I usually do all the posts over
a weekend and schedule them out.  I have learned that even
though the things I make aren't as good or creative as some
people, that's okay, it's not a contest it's just fun.  And I've
learned a lot from other blogs on how to make and where to
find Barbie size props!

10) Where do you go to discover new dolls to buy?
The internet.  I only collect Barbie and family so I am always
trolling eBay and store sites.

11)  Doll-wise, what are you hoping for in 2016?
I don't have any 'must haves' on my list and have just about
reached capacity in my little doll world, so as far as dolls
I'm good right now.  But you can never have too many
clothes!  I'm hoping to add to my collection of 'Fashion
Avenue' outfits and maybe get some from the 80's.  I want
to continue and improve on making clothes and try to
crochet and knit some items.

I am suppose to nominate 5 other blogs, but it seems like every
one has been nominated so I will end here.

Thank you again to April and Jewell for the nominations and
to everyone for visiting my blog.