Friday, July 8, 2016

Fashion Friday

Barbara is wearing her new waitress uniform.  I
made a separate skirt and blouse as it seemed more
versatile in the wardrobe scheme of things.  The
apron is what really makes it a waitress uniform
although it does need a pocket for her order pad.
(And yes, that is a straight pin holding her blouse
closed......not quite done yet.)


  1. This waitress uniform looks professional and I wouldn't have known it wasn't a dress if you hadn't said so. The apron is nice. I made the picture larger to see the pin. Did you use a pattern to make this?

    1. Thanks, Janainah. Yes I used a vintage newspaper pattern for the blouse and skirt. Apron I just winged it.

  2. Well, I'm ready for her to take my order!!! (LOL!) Wonderful job on her outfit. And you're right... Your dolls will get a lot more use out of a blouse+skirt combo than a full dress. Thank you for your Fashion Fridays!!!!

    1. Thanks, April. I am really missing sewing right now!