Sunday, September 3, 2017

Summer Breeze

I modified the original halter
pattern making it a full skirted

It's been warm, rainy and humid
here in NW Florida but a break
in the rain allowed the ladies to
take their new frocks outside.

I LOVE the way these dresses turned
out!   Both of the halter dresses will
be a staple in the Model Muse closet.
I can't wait to get started on some for
the holidays in satin, lace and velvet!

I also think these are my best doll
photos to date.  It was a brutal
photo shoot at 92deg. with a real feel
of 112....crawling under this bush to
set each doll and then trying to take
a good picture with an iPad you can't
really see in the sun.  I just pointed
and shot, hoping for the best and was
pleasantly surprised with the photos.

But I think I might ask The Husband
for a small camera for Christmas.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

A Bevy of Beauties

So I finally finished up some dresses for
the Model Muse ladies.  We did a photo shoot
at the Museum of Sea Creatures (aka my foyer).

I think the dresses and the photo shoot went well.
Sorry, kind of photo heavy......





Sunday, July 30, 2017

Halter Dress Sample

I found a simple halter dress pattern at
Janel Was Here .  She designed it for
the Model Muse body so I was comfortable
giving it a try.   I chose Taryn as my
model and made a sample of muslin.

Although I did read Janel's instructions
I didn't really follow them to the letter
(which I never do).  I think it came out
very nice.

There is a little side gap on the halter
here, but once I tugged the dress down
a bit it fit better.

There is a little bunching at her tush
but that is seamstress error.

It appears Taryn is a tad ticklish and
moved a bit when I was measuring where
to end the ended up
being a little to snug.  It's an easy fix
and I need to make the halter straps just
a smidgen longer.

I love this dress!  I can't wait to make
some in different fabrics.  It will look
nice with a fuller skirt and in a variety
of lengths, too!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Swimsuit Babes

Since I do not have any patterns that will
fit the Model Muse body I am going to have
to force teach my self to draft patterns for them.
I am not a patient person and get frustrated
when I don't pick something up quickly. 
But if the ladies want some new clothes I
am going to have to learn to make them

I figured I'd start really, really simple with sarongs.

The most fun part was matching the fabric to their
swimsuit color.  They are very simple.....a glorified
apron with a side dart for shape.  But I think the
ladies like them........          




I am planning a simple halter sundress
for them next.  Picking the fabric based
on their swimsuit color was fun and
took a little of the stress off about what
color would look good on them.  With
all the fabric I have sometimes I get
bogged down in the planning process
but because each lady already has a
color it made it a little easier.....and they
don't have to change shoes!  So I am
going to stick with that color formula
for awhile.

Any ideas or suggestions on where to
find any patterns for these ladies is
greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Fashion Insider Ken Gift Set

I have been trying to find what little fashions
there are for the Silkstone Ken so that Roger
Brentwood has a few changes of clothes.  I
have had my eye on this Ken Giftset but the
price was always to high........until one day
it wasn't!

This will be a nice suit for Roger.  I am
not sure if I will keep the doll.

I am not too crazy about his looks. I
think it's the shape of his head, fore-
head is too big or something.  I
still have Olivia Brentwood so I can
either hook them up together in a storyline
or give them the boot together.

We'll see.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

More Model Muses in the House

I really like the Barbie Basic dolls.
They remind me of what Barbie's
original career was a teen fashion
model.  I find a lot of the new dolls
too youngish looking for me and
prefer the sophisticated look of these

As I was perusing Ebay one evening
I came across these 3 dolls from
Collection 003, which I call the
swimsuit edition.  I already had a
doll from this collection, #05, who I
call Taryn.  Since there are only 6
dolls in this collection and I already
had ONE....and here were 3 more
sitting in front of me at a very
attractive might be fun to
collect the entire group.  So...

only 2 more to go now!!!!

Fiona Arther, our fiery Irish lass.

Ellery Kenrick, the fair English girl

Georgene Stepanek, the eastern european

Taryn Winoto,  an exotic mix of
Indonesian and Irish

I like the diversity of faces with this
small collection.  Only 2 more to get,
the blond in the fuchsia suit and the
AA in the yellow suit with the gorgeous
head of hair......she will be the hardest
to find at a decent price.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

50th Anniversary Fair Hair Doll

I could not resist getting this doll.  I wanted
one when I was a kid but it was never to be.
I did pick up a rerooted one without the
hair pieces many years ago...but I longed for
the accessories.

I really like her (the Mods are my
favorite vintage era) but wished her
hair was a little more platinum than
yellow and I really wish Mattel would
knock off the hair gel already!  I love her
dress and those earrings are just FAB...but
it would have been great if she had white
go-go boots!

Very Scandinavian with the braided
headband.  I think it's the rosettes.

Love the 'fall'.  So wanted a fall when I
was younger.....

It's a little thin in the back though.  Come
on Mattel a few more strands wouldn't
break the bank!

The flip wig was always my favorite.
All the gel makes it like a helmet though
so will need to remedy that at a later date.

I had trouble attaching the braid to her
because of all the GEL! 

Here she is with my vintage reroot,

All in all I am happy to have her.  She fits
in nicely with the vintage Mods.  Now she
just needs a name.......

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Clothes for Teens and Tweens

I am always looking for clothes to
fit Barbie's forgotten sister and her
friends.  I do have some of the Teen
Skipper Fashion Avenue outfits
but not enough to provide the
variety I like for my girls.

I have plenty of vintage Skipper
patterns but they are well, vintage
in style.  I have one Skipper pattern
from the 90's but haven't made
anything from it yet, outfits are
kinda ...meh.

Sparkle Girl outfits and some of
the current Barbie pak clothes
work well for these girls.  I picked
up a few new ones today at the
big W.

Teen Skipper Cassandra is wearing a
fabulous Sparkle Girl outfit of a knit
black skirt with suede-like fringe
overlay with yellow ribbon belt and
black/white geometric print knit top.
This outfit is so cute although the belts
can get tangled in the fringe.  Hula
Skipper Mary Elizabeth is wearing
a Barbie pak dress.  It's very sweet
on her but a bit too big at the top
and would probably fit Cassandra or
Francie better.

Finding shoes for these girls is a
problem in itself.  I think I got both
these pairs in a Barbie accessory pak.
The sandals fit Mary Elizabeth perfectly,
and surprisingly even though the black
Mary Jane's have a wedge they fit
Cassandra to a tee!

Pizza Party Skipper Daria is rockin'
an adorable Sparkle Girl outfit of shorts
with pom-pom trim and beautiful lace
top.  This top is so pretty and versitile
I think all the dolls will want to wear it.

Mary Elizabeth is wearing another Sparkle
Girl halter dress with iridescent colors
that match her hair.

Daria's shoes are from a Barbie accessory
pak and while the do fit her nicely they
are a bit of chore to get off.

Daria and Cassandra are both sporting
Sparkle Girl dresses here.  Daria's gives
a 2 piece look of denim skirt and knit
top but this is a dress.  Cassie's ready
to dance the night away in this cute black
lace and pink dress.  The fabric under
the bodice lace is a yellow print, an odd
choice I thought but it seems to work.

I didn't realize I had this dress until I
bought it again (maybe I have too much
doll clothes.....nah).  I think these might
be my favorite dresses.  They have a mod
60's vibe going and the pom pom trim is

Cassie's dress is made of cotton while
Mary Elizabeth's is a nylon knit.  The
dresses are noticably different in size
with Mary Elizabeth's being smaller.
But they fit each of them perfectly. I
love em'.

Daria wanted something a little sparkly
too party in and this Sparkle Girl dress
fit the bill.  It also fits her very nicely
too with the waist being just a smidge

The Sparkle Girl outfits seem to work the
best for the smaller Skipper dolls.  Depending
on the outfit Sparkle Girl also works for
Teen Skipper and vintage Francie.  The
Barbie dress paks work well for the larger