Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Swimsuit Babes

Since I do not have any patterns that will
fit the Model Muse body I am going to have
to force teach my self to draft patterns for them.
I am not a patient person and get frustrated
when I don't pick something up quickly. 
But if the ladies want some new clothes I
am going to have to learn to make them

I figured I'd start really, really simple with sarongs.

The most fun part was matching the fabric to their
swimsuit color.  They are very simple.....a glorified
apron with a side dart for shape.  But I think the
ladies like them........          




I am planning a simple halter sundress
for them next.  Picking the fabric based
on their swimsuit color was fun and
took a little of the stress off about what
color would look good on them.  With
all the fabric I have sometimes I get
bogged down in the planning process
but because each lady already has a
color it made it a little easier.....and they
don't have to change shoes!  So I am
going to stick with that color formula
for awhile.

Any ideas or suggestions on where to
find any patterns for these ladies is
greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Fashion Insider Ken Gift Set

I have been trying to find what little fashions
there are for the Silkstone Ken so that Roger
Brentwood has a few changes of clothes.  I
have had my eye on this Ken Giftset but the
price was always to high........until one day
it wasn't!

This will be a nice suit for Roger.  I am
not sure if I will keep the doll.

I am not too crazy about his looks. I
think it's the shape of his head, fore-
head is too big or something.  I
still have Olivia Brentwood so I can
either hook them up together in a storyline
or give them the boot together.

We'll see.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

More Model Muses in the House

I really like the Barbie Basic dolls.
They remind me of what Barbie's
original career was a teen fashion
model.  I find a lot of the new dolls
too youngish looking for me and
prefer the sophisticated look of these

As I was perusing Ebay one evening
I came across these 3 dolls from
Collection 003, which I call the
swimsuit edition.  I already had a
doll from this collection, #05, who I
call Taryn.  Since there are only 6
dolls in this collection and I already
had ONE....and here were 3 more
sitting in front of me at a very
attractive might be fun to
collect the entire group.  So...

only 2 more to go now!!!!

Fiona Arther, our fiery Irish lass.

Ellery Kenrick, the fair English girl

Georgene Stepanek, the eastern european

Taryn Winoto,  an exotic mix of
Indonesian and Irish

I like the diversity of faces with this
small collection.  Only 2 more to get,
the blond in the fuchsia suit and the
AA in the yellow suit with the gorgeous
head of hair......she will be the hardest
to find at a decent price.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

50th Anniversary Fair Hair Doll

I could not resist getting this doll.  I wanted
one when I was a kid but it was never to be.
I did pick up a rerooted one without the
hair pieces many years ago...but I longed for
the accessories.

I really like her (the Mods are my
favorite vintage era) but wished her
hair was a little more platinum than
yellow and I really wish Mattel would
knock off the hair gel already!  I love her
dress and those earrings are just FAB...but
it would have been great if she had white
go-go boots!

Very Scandinavian with the braided
headband.  I think it's the rosettes.

Love the 'fall'.  So wanted a fall when I
was younger.....

It's a little thin in the back though.  Come
on Mattel a few more strands wouldn't
break the bank!

The flip wig was always my favorite.
All the gel makes it like a helmet though
so will need to remedy that at a later date.

I had trouble attaching the braid to her
because of all the GEL! 

Here she is with my vintage reroot,

All in all I am happy to have her.  She fits
in nicely with the vintage Mods.  Now she
just needs a name.......

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Clothes for Teens and Tweens

I am always looking for clothes to
fit Barbie's forgotten sister and her
friends.  I do have some of the Teen
Skipper Fashion Avenue outfits
but not enough to provide the
variety I like for my girls.

I have plenty of vintage Skipper
patterns but they are well, vintage
in style.  I have one Skipper pattern
from the 90's but haven't made
anything from it yet, outfits are
kinda ...meh.

Sparkle Girl outfits and some of
the current Barbie pak clothes
work well for these girls.  I picked
up a few new ones today at the
big W.

Teen Skipper Cassandra is wearing a
fabulous Sparkle Girl outfit of a knit
black skirt with suede-like fringe
overlay with yellow ribbon belt and
black/white geometric print knit top.
This outfit is so cute although the belts
can get tangled in the fringe.  Hula
Skipper Mary Elizabeth is wearing
a Barbie pak dress.  It's very sweet
on her but a bit too big at the top
and would probably fit Cassandra or
Francie better.

Finding shoes for these girls is a
problem in itself.  I think I got both
these pairs in a Barbie accessory pak.
The sandals fit Mary Elizabeth perfectly,
and surprisingly even though the black
Mary Jane's have a wedge they fit
Cassandra to a tee!

Pizza Party Skipper Daria is rockin'
an adorable Sparkle Girl outfit of shorts
with pom-pom trim and beautiful lace
top.  This top is so pretty and versitile
I think all the dolls will want to wear it.

Mary Elizabeth is wearing another Sparkle
Girl halter dress with iridescent colors
that match her hair.

Daria's shoes are from a Barbie accessory
pak and while the do fit her nicely they
are a bit of chore to get off.

Daria and Cassandra are both sporting
Sparkle Girl dresses here.  Daria's gives
a 2 piece look of denim skirt and knit
top but this is a dress.  Cassie's ready
to dance the night away in this cute black
lace and pink dress.  The fabric under
the bodice lace is a yellow print, an odd
choice I thought but it seems to work.

I didn't realize I had this dress until I
bought it again (maybe I have too much
doll clothes.....nah).  I think these might
be my favorite dresses.  They have a mod
60's vibe going and the pom pom trim is

Cassie's dress is made of cotton while
Mary Elizabeth's is a nylon knit.  The
dresses are noticably different in size
with Mary Elizabeth's being smaller.
But they fit each of them perfectly. I
love em'.

Daria wanted something a little sparkly
too party in and this Sparkle Girl dress
fit the bill.  It also fits her very nicely
too with the waist being just a smidge

The Sparkle Girl outfits seem to work the
best for the smaller Skipper dolls.  Depending
on the outfit Sparkle Girl also works for
Teen Skipper and vintage Francie.  The
Barbie dress paks work well for the larger

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Should They Stay or Should They Go.......

I have been cleaning out some dolls, mostly my
Ideal Miss Revlon's (had 45 of them at one time).
But am always rethinking my Barbie collection too.

I have had these So In Style dolls for quite
a few years, but have never really used them
or played with them.

I really think they are beautiful but I
am paring down my more modern
Barbies and am not sure about keeping
them.  Thought I would give them a
little shelf time with really cute outfits.
(These are some adorable Sparkle Girl

They have quite the stage presents don't
they?  Maybe a girl group story needs to
be fit in somewhere?  Hmmmm.....think
I'll leave them out for awhile and if a
group name hits never

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Mr. Brentwood Takes a New Bride

Not willing to put up with Mrs. Brentwood's
drinking problem, Mr. Brentwood has
found himself a new wife.

Roger has met and fallen head over heels
for the beautiful, Farren Palmer.

Unlike Olivia Brentwood,  Miss Palmer
has normal hands, which allows her to
wear all manner of clothing including
long sleeves. (I didn't know this doll
is articulated, but it is better than a pitcher's
mitt for a hand.)

Roger is smitten and has tossed Olivia
aside for Farren.  Do not fret for her.
Olivia will either go to a new home
(sans all her clothes though...Farren
called dibbs) or she may hang
around here for awhile and see what
shakes out.

While I still think Olivia is gorgeous and
that she and Roger made a handsome

I think Roger and Farren will make a
great couple!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Starting A Capsule Wardrobe

As you may or may not know, our vintage gal,
Barbie works at Huege Enterprises.  She currently
works in the file room but is taking Saturday and
and evening classes at The Barton Women's
Academy of Business in hopes of getting a
position in the bookkeeping department.

As any career minded gal she wants to dress
in a manner that says "I am a professional",
but on a file clerk's budget that can be tricky.
Luckily, Barbie has some sewing skills and
knows the value of a mix and match wardrobe
or .....a capsule wardrobe.

Babs is starting with a burgundy pencil
skirt and jacket.  I'm think the skirt is a
little too long, but the era is mid-late 50's.

A floral sleeveless blouse is added under
the jacket.  And of course, while we're at
it let's make little sis, Skipper, a matching
blouse and skirt.

Babs already had a pink short sleeved
button front blouse (ok, we are still
missing the buttons so it is a pinned
front blouse). Worn with the skirt and
jacket it makes a nice professional suit.

Babs also had this lovely sweater, made
by friend, Carol.  It looks a little more
casual than the jacket but still nice for
work in the file room.

A girl's gotta have something to relax
in so we added a pair of pants......and a
pair for the kid.  I think the floral top
looks better with the pants.

Add the sweater and this is a great
casual outfit for a day in the park
with Skipper.

Babs also has a navy pencil skirt which
goes well with the pink blouse.  On the
cutting table is another short sleeved
button front blouse in a blue floral
pattern to go with that skirt also.  A navy
jacket might be nice too......if I can find
my navy fabric.  And a white blouse
is definitely needed.....maybe 2, short
and long sleeved.

***After my last post I decided to take a
break from the dioramas.  I may go
back to them but for now I am just
going to use my free time doing what
I like to do most with my dolls
and make them clothes.  I appreciate
the advice everyone  gave, you guys
are great!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Something's Gotta Give

Once again I find myself adrift with my
dolls.  I am at a loss most days when I
get into the doll room.  Do I want to
build dioramas, do I want to write
stories, do I want to sew......ugh!  I
end up doing nothing.  When I am
at work all I can think of is all the
things I want to do but once at home
the plans go out the window.

I am beginning to think I have: 1) too
many dolls (well, I knew that already) and
2) too many ideas I want to do.  I am
overwhelming myself before I get started.

Even when I do decide to do something
I get bogged down.  If I decide to sew,
what and I going to sew? For which doll?
Then it's deciding on the pattern, sifting
through dozens of them for the right one.
And let's not even talk about picking out the
right fabric or trying to find it.....there's
even more fabric than patterns!

Dioramas.....since space is so limited this
is a problem.  I have one 14" x 28" shelf
to utilize (nothing can be lower than 4'
off the ground because of a large nosy

I don't know how some of you ladies
do it, you impress me.  You have these
little Barbie villages in your house and
I am envious.

I just don't know what I want to do with
these dolls!!!!  Something that should
be giving me pleasure is causing me

Something's gotta give!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Olivia and Roger Brentwood

Just spent a lazy Easter Sunday deboxing
my Silkstones.

Roger is wearing his suit from New England
Escape and Olivia is wearing her Continental
Holiday outfit.  She was going to wear her 
New England Escape outfit except for one
teeny, tiny problem...........

She can't get her right hand through the
jacket sleeve!  She also can't get her right
hand through her Continental Holiday

It appears Mrs. Brentwood has a drinking
problem and her hand is stretched wide
to accommodate hoisting a pint!  The
width of her hand is 5/8", the jacket sleeve
cuff opening is about 1/2" and the coat
(which is the outfit she came with, mind
you) is maybe 3/8".

Has anyone else encountered this problem?
Is it just this model of Silkstone or do they
all have a catcher's mitt for a right hand?

Her arm is cocked to rest on her hip, similar
to several of the Model Muse dolls I have.
But their thumb is not that splayed out from
the rest of the hand.

I am very disappointed.  It took me a long time
to find  a Silkstone I liked (most of the eye
makeup is too much for me).  I really like her
but if she can't wear the beautiful outfits then
Mr. Brentwood may be looking for a new wife.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Casual Saturday

Some of the Muses are off today so they
decided to just hang out, maybe do a
little shopping and lunch.

Zumari and Natalya

Taryn and Teyana, both these girls need a hair day at
the spa.  Especially Teyana.  Her hair is a mess, Taryn's
is just stiff as a board.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Well It Wasn't Another 2 Months

It's just March and this year has already
gotten away from me!  I guess life sometimes
gets in the way of your plans.

The husband of my good friend in all things
Barbie, Carol, passed away on January 31th.
They are also our neighbors, living just 3 doors
down.  He had been in and out of the hospital
a good portion of last year but no one was prepared
for the final prognosis of a very agressive form
of pancreatic cancer in late October.

Though he was able to have some precious time
with his family, his death has left my friend in
emotional and financial hard times.  We have spent
the last month helping her cope and also helping
her prepare her house for sale.  A daunting
task for a grieving widow of just a month.

The sale of their home will take her 2 1/2 hours
from me, but put her closer to family.  Good for
them, bad for me but for the best for her.  I will
miss her.

But in between working, trying to do our taxes and
helping out my friend I have gotten some things done.
Just not much Barbie related.

I did get these two ladies welcomed in the group.

My latest Model Muses, Zumani Odelette
and Teyana Timms. 

I also got a gentleman friend for the Silkstone
I bought myself for Christmas.  I figured she
needed a dashing man about town so The
Husband got me Roger Sterling from the
Mad Men collection for my birthday.

I think they will make a lovely couple.  He also
got me this clothing gift set.

That has been about it for doll stuff.  I've
been doing a lot of sewing but not doll

The Husband's nephew and his wife just
had their first baby.  This is a big deal for
The Husband as his family is very small, he
only has 2 nieces and the one nephew and
they are all into their 40's.  This will most
likely be the one and only baby.

So even though I don't do any quiltmaking
since I closed my store nor do I enjoy it
anymore I felt I had to make his new little
grandniece a little blankie.

With the left over fabric I made her this.

She is a tiny thing, just 5 pounds, so I am
hoping she can wear it at 8 or 9 months.

I quit sewing clothes for myself about 3-4
years ago.  It was just easier to make doll
clothes.  But I have recently seen some
repurpose items that I wanted to try my
hand at, so I got this XL shirt from the
Goodwill for $4 and took the button
front of it....

And used some fabric from my stash....
and made this....

The front

The back, with all the buttons!  It needs
some tweaking but I like the way it came out.
It will be great for summer or with a cardigan
for the cooler months.  I love all the buttons
up the back AND the fact that I didn't
have to make one buttonhole!

This is what I've been up to....