Tuesday, May 17, 2016

VINTAGE LIFE circa 1955

Meet the Vintage Life characters:

Barbie Roberts:

Barbie is single and became guardian to her
younger sister, Skipper, when their parents
died in an auto accident.  She is currently
a file clerk at Huege Enterprises and is taking
bookkeeping classes at The Barton Women's
Academy of Business.  She lives with her
sister in a two bedroom walkup in the
Crestmont area of Mid City.

Skipper Roberts:

Barbie's little sister.  She attends
Mid City Elementary school.
Best friend of Scooter.

Francie Fairchild:

Barbie and Skipper's cousin.  She
spends summers with them, helping
to look after Skipper. 

 Midge Hadley:

Barbie's best friend since they were little.
She still lives with her parents. She works 
at Bundell's, one of Mid City's
finest department stores. 

 Evelyn Brown:

Evelyn lives across the hall from Barbie.
She is a widow with a little girl, Scooter,
who is best friends with Skipper.  She also
works at Huege Enterprises in the 
secretarial pool.

 Scooter Brown:

Evelyn's daughter and Skipper's best
friend.  She also attends Mid City
Elementary school. 

 Jeanelle LaFontaine:

Works with Midge at Bundell's.

 Barbara Cooper:

Works as a waitress at the
Mid City Diner. 

Brenda Hartwell:
A nurse at Mid City Hospital.

 Veronica Laine:

Reporter for 'Ladies Life'

Beverly St. Johns:

Lives in the same building as
Barbie.  No one knows much
about her, she doesn't appear
to have a job or a husband!
 Vivian Huege:

Socialite married to William Huege,
President of Huege Enterprises. 
They live in a high rise in the exclusive
Avalon Park area of Mid City.

 Joan Bundell:

Married to Bob Bundell, head of
Bundell's Department Store.  Best
friend of Vivian.  They live in the 
same high rise.

  Ava Winter:

Singer and actress.  She
also lives in the same 
Avalon Park high rise as
Vivian and Joan.

  Ken Carson:


  Allan Sherwood:


William Huege:

President of Huege Enerprises.  Married
to Vivian.

 Cindy Pelton:

 Student at Mid City Elementary
school.  Sometime friend of 
Skipper and Scooter.

 Sally Drake

Student at Mid City Elementary 
school.  Considers Cindy Pelton
her best friend.  Sometime
friend of Skipper and Scooter.  


  1. Chris, are these all your dolls???!!! I saw these at the Barbie exhibition displayed as family and friends. There was also a pregnant Mige doll. If these are your dolls, don't get rid of them!!!

  2. Yes, April, these are just my early vintage and vintage reproduction dolls. The blond bubblecut, 1st Skipper and Francie are my original dolls, the rest have been added over the years. This is just part of my collection, I will be showing more. I would never part with any of the vintage dolls.