Saturday, January 23, 2016

Groovy Repros

I only had 4 or 5 outfits for my Francie doll
when I was a kid, so I have been trying to
build her wardrobe up some.  The price of
the vintage outfits can be outrageous so I
have made a few items for her from the one
commercial pattern that is available.  To fill
in some I have picked up some reproduction
outfits.  Here are the ones I got for Christmas.

Reproduction AA Francie is wearing a
2 piece polyester pantsuit with a bodysuit
blouse.  This reminds me so much of the
outfits I use to wear in the mid 70's when I
started working!

The blouse is tight across the chest and kept
popping open the snaps and the chain belt
had to be cut off.  I will have to put a clasp
on it so she can get it on.  But all in all I
think it looks nice on her.

My original vintage Francie is wearing the
reproduction 'Gad Abouts'.  It's a cute outfit
and the leggings were surprisingly easy to
get on.   I can make her another top to go
with the skirt to expand her options.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Gabrielle tried on a lot of outfits.
Some were rejected right off.  Here
are a few that didn't make the cut., just no.

Too promish!

Cute, but not Gabrielle's style.

I don't think so.


 A little better but too 'telenovela' for

 Oy.....just oy.

 Gabrielle couldn't resist trying on
this beautiful gown.  And while she
looks lovely she has no need for a
formal gown this time.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

LaPetite Robe Boutique

Gabrielle has found her way to the
exclusive shop 'La Petite Robe Boutique'
(please pardon my French if the grammar
is not correct).  The boutique is owned by
model muse Natalya.

'Welcome to La Petite Robe Boutique.  How may I
help you?' (Natalya)
'I am new in town and need several new outfits.' (Gabrielle)
'Please have a seat and I will pull a selection for you.  We
have several beautiful things in your size.' (Natalya)

'These are some of our latest arrivals.' (Natalya)
'The blue one is darling, let's start with that one.' (Gabrielle)

'It is a perfect fit and looks very nice on you.  This 
bag is a perfect accessory.' (Natalya)
'It's really cute definitely one to consider.' (Gabrielle)

'I love these shoes, they add a pop of color to the
outfit.' (Gabrielle)
'Here are two more dresses I think you might like.' 

'I'm not sure about this one, it's kind of short, but
I won't discount it yet.' (Gabrielle)

'I like these leggings but not the top.' (Gabrielle)
'One of these tops would look better and hide
that elastic bag waistline.' (Natalya)

'Oh yes, this is much better!  I love this
look for a casual outing.' (Gabrielle)

'This is so cute!  Love the vibrant blue.'

 'Perfect little dress for a dinner date..
....when I get a date.' (Gabrielle)

'I love it!' (Gabrielle)

 'It is very short but I like the edginess
of this outfit.  It might be a keeper.'

'Wow, this dress looked like nothing
on the hanger......but on it's a different
story.  The lace top and the addition
of these hot shoes gives it a real
retro feel.' (Gabrielle)

'These are a good start!' (Gabrielle)
'Excellent choices, mademoiselle.' (Natalya)

Monday, January 11, 2016

Going Shopping

Gabrielle was very tired of wearing the same
clothes so she rummaged around in the closet
and found this black sock dress.

She added a pink belt (ponytail holder), a
cute little bag and was able to wear her
original shoes. 

While she looks darling, she is going to
need MORE clothes.   Now that she has
a new outfit she will be heading out to
check out the local fashions.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sweater Gifts

My neighbor and cohort in all things Barbie,
Carol, is a very good knitter. I am lucky to be
her friend because she gave me 3 lovely sweaters
for the ladies for Christmas!

Vivian is wearing a beautiful off-white cardigan
with turquoise trim and buttons.  She has paired 
this sweater with her 50 year old pants and shoes
from 1965's 'Photo Fashion' #1648.  I can barely fit
into last years pants let alone a pair from 50 years go girl!

Vivian is wearing a pale pink wrap sweater
coat.  She has paired it with bubblegum
pink slim pants and a black long sleeve
turtleneck blouse, both made by me.

She looks cozy for an afternoon of shopping.

Looks like we may have a budding new 
romance here.  Phoebe and Brad are 
stepping out for a dinner date.  Oh, look
he brought her cardboard candy!

Phoebe is wearing a peach colored cardigan
with off white trim.  She has paired is with a
strapless dress made my me.

Brad is wearing a Christmas gift, Fashion Ave.,
'Sweet Talker' # 25752.  They didn't think to 
include a shirt with this outfit so I stole one
from another.  I do love the cheesy naugahide
car coat, reminds me of the one my Dad wore!

They make a cute couple, we'll have to wait and
see how this first date goes.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Skipper Fashion Avenue 'Spring Break' #25753

Cassandra is modeling the outfit she
received for Christmas.  The strapless
dress is cute and fits nice.

I like addition of the short jean jacket
for cool spring nights.  Now that bag,
I need that bag, love the trapezoid

Cassie is going to be breakin' hearts
this spring break.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Meet 'Sweet Tea Barbie' Gabrielle Ferrand

This could be my new favorite doll!  I
just love her.  I really like her outfit,
very simply but polished.

She is articulated, which is a plus but
her seated pose is a little unladylike. I
think her lower leg is too long so a
custom chair might be in order.

She comes with a scone and cute teacup
and saucer.


She has a delicate and serene beauty
about her, very French to me.


 I think she will be so much fun
to dress and pose.

Some of the other ladies may be jealous
for a while.