Friday, August 26, 2016

Fashion Avenue #25702 and #25755

Here are the other two Fashion Avenue
outfits I got in my package deal.

#25702 is Party in Pink.  The dress is
really cute, kind of a 60's vibe going on.
The pink Mary Jane pumps are just

#25755 is Midsummer Ball.  The outfit
is actually a beautiful soft yellow.  Very

When you search eBay for Fashion
Avenue outfits as much as I do you
see which outfits are more common.
Of these four outfits I have only seen
2 of them before so was not just happy
with my bargain price but also happy
to snag a few of the more elusive

Friday, August 19, 2016

Fashion Avenue #22155 and #23022

Next to the 60's Vintage outfits the
Fashion Avenue line is my favorite.  I always
scour eBay looking for deals.....I got 4
of them for $8.25 each including shipping!

Here are #22155 from the Coat Collection
and #23022 from the Lifestyles Collection.

I love the coat, it's a textured faux leather.
And the ladies will be needing some winter

The other one is okay.  What I really love
are the lugged sole red booties.  I wish I
had a pair!

Check back to see the other two outfits!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Hot Ride

I've been wanting some wheels for Barbie
for awhile now and this one was at the top
of my list.

I love old cars and this will fit with my
'Vintage Life' dolls and also Daryl and
Trish, as they live the rockabilly lifestyle.
This car is huge (fits 4 dolls) and take
up space so it may be the only one.

It is mint in box, but I have no problem
busting it out.  I am just waiting until
things get back to normal around here.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Rehab at Standstill

This is what I hate when you can't do a job yourself
and must rely on others.....waiting.  They still have
not scheduled our flooring job yet!

Meanwhile the majority of my doll stuff has already
been packed away and I am out of scheduled posts.
Plus I am having doll withdrawal.

So I have been planning and cutting outfits (no
sewing as all machines are packed) and doing a
little shopping (idle hands always make their way
to eBay).

Here are my first purchases.

Barbie Look City Shine and Finnick.  (Sorry
for the horrible pictures.)  I found both dolls
on sale for a very good price with free shipping.

I really didn't need the City Shine doll but think
she is very pretty.  I felt I had room for another
modern gent so decided Finnick would fit
nicely.  Their names will be changed once I
decide where they fit in the scheme of things.

Stay tuned for my other purchases...and keep your
fingers crossed that this flooring projects get
started soon!