Friday, August 19, 2016

Fashion Avenue #22155 and #23022

Next to the 60's Vintage outfits the
Fashion Avenue line is my favorite.  I always
scour eBay looking for deals.....I got 4
of them for $8.25 each including shipping!

Here are #22155 from the Coat Collection
and #23022 from the Lifestyles Collection.

I love the coat, it's a textured faux leather.
And the ladies will be needing some winter

The other one is okay.  What I really love
are the lugged sole red booties.  I wish I
had a pair!

Check back to see the other two outfits!


  1. These are both nice outfits. The white one is awesome. It makes me want to run and make a white ensemble. Gorgeous finds.

  2. I agree with Janainah. Both outfits are nice, but the white is really spectacular! Great finds!!!