Saturday, January 21, 2017

Happy Belated Holidays

I can't believe I missed them all...I hope everyone
enjoyed theirs.

Steve, Lydia, Trish and Daryl celebrated the holidays
Florida style.  I made the ladies dresses but got the
guys' outfits on eBay.

I got a few Barbie related items for Christmas but this
is a gift I bought for myself.

Continental Holiday Silkstone Barbie Giftset.
The Silkstone Barbies are not my favorite
dolls, but I really wanted one to round out
my collection.  I think she is very sophisticated
and love the outfit.

She hasn't been released
from her box yet because my birthday is
next week.....and if she plays her cards right
she may have a gentleman friend to make
her continental holiday that much more intriguing!

I have been very busy at work and just beat
when I get home so doll time has suffered.  But
there are some things in the works...a Valentine
vignette, 2 new dolls and major work on Gabrielle's
Paris apartment.

It's slow going but hopefully it won't be another
2 months!