Sunday, October 23, 2016

Having a MOD Halloween

Wendy, Jodi and Penny (my Standard Barbies)
are here to wish you a very.......
MOD Halloween!

Dresses were made using my original vintage
patterns before.

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Photo Shoot: Alexa, Regan and Bo Lin

The ladies got some new Sparkle Girl
fashions today......

We moved the photo shoot outside since it was such
a pleasant day.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Photo Shoot: Eden and Collette

I have been going through my
dolls and culling some from the
herd.  I will put items I am thinking
of getting rid of in a box and revisit
them a few weeks later just to make
sure it is time for them to go and there
won't be any regrets later.

Eden and Collette were in the box.

I was still sitting on the fence with them.  Eden
because glue was leaking through her hair,making
her bangs gummy.  Collette, well her and I never
have really bonded.  But I felt like playing
dress up and thought I would give them another

Eden has always been one of my favorites
but I really don't feel like digging glue out
of her head.

But she really is quite pretty and has a way
about her.


And I do love her hair.  Right now the glue
has only leaked a little in front but I am sure
it will get worse.

As I have said before, Collette and I have
never bonded.  I think she is cute and
adorable, different looking from the
other girls.

The more I redressed and photographed
her the more I liked her.  I especially love
her in this aqua mini with the sheer mullet

Soooo, for the moment these 2 ladies have
made it out of 'to go' box and back into
the collection.  Although Eden's days may be
numbered if her head continues to leak!