Sunday, April 26, 2015

Meet the Doll: Spots 'n Dots Teresa # 10885 1993

Meet Helaina, aka Spot 'n Dots Teresa, another store
exclusive, this time from Toys R Us.  I have had her since
she came out in 1993 but just recently deboxed her.

I just love her outfit and that little dog is the cutest!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Meet the Doll: Pet Doctor Barbie # 16458 1996

This is Vanessa, aka Pet Dr. Barbie.  This brunette version
was a Target exclusive.  She has the most luxurious hair,
but I am thinking of trimming it a little maybe to mid back.

The little dog and kitten are very cute and she has a whole
Dr.'s bag full of goodies to help them mend.  I haven't 
put a battery in the bed yet but it suppose to make each
animal speak!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Kimberly and Eden on the Town

Kimberly and Eden will surely catch everyone's
eye in these current fashions.  Kimberly's outfit is from
a fashion pack and Eden's is one of the new value priced
single fashion packs.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fancy Free # 943 and Handmade Sundress

Tess and Rowena are enjoying the warm spring
weather in these cute dresses.  Rowena is wear a
vintage classic and Tess looks adorable in pink.

Vintage: Repurchased

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fashion Avenue # 14980-15852 1996

I got this outfit in a lot of 4.  It wasn't my favorite 
of the group and I wasn't sure who it would look
good on so I put it away. 
I was getting ready to change Sabine out of her Animal
Kingdom uniform and remembered I had this outfit.
It's perfect for a weekend trip to the city.

I think it was made for her,  she looks

Monday, April 13, 2015

Fashion Avenue - Evening Bouquet #25702 1998 and Teen Skipper Fashion #18379 1998

Megan and Cassandra are off to take in a
matinee performance of 'Godspell'.  Both are 
looking quite bohemian in these Fashion Avenue
outfits.  Megan's outfit is one of my favorites, I 
really like the embroidery on the shell, very nice

Monday, April 6, 2015

The Five Little Debbies

Aside from the 4 original dolls my parents bought me as a kid, they bought 1 doll as an adult.   Well, Mom got her for me, and as today would have been her 86th birthday and she was a doll collector,  I thought it was a good day the feature the Ltttle Debbies.
This is the one my Mom gave me, the first issue Little Debbie #10123 from 1993.  Little Debbie snack cakes were a staple in our house, as they were cheaper than Hostess and with 6 kids you went through a lot of snack cakes.  My favorites were the Oatmeal Creme Patties and the Nutty Bars.  

Late last year I had thought about putting the other 4 dolls on my Christmas Wish list but then decided on something else.  I thought I would just keep this doll as a momento of my Mom.  
Then about a week later The Husband and I were out thrifting, and there was # 2, # 14616-9950G2 from 1996, NRFB, for $7.  (The first few dolls issued had bent arms, but they changed to the straight arms, as is mine.)  The Husband said it was fate and I was meant to complete the collection. 
So for my birthday in January he got me,
Little Debbie  #3, # 16352 from 1998, and
Little Debbie # 4, the 40th Anniversary # 24977 from 2000, and
Little Debbie #5, #59372 from 2002.

So what started as 1 has blossomed into a collection.

Thanks, Mom.....Happy Birthday....miss you.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Parade

Some of the ladies have broken out their cutest
spring dresses for this year's Easter Parade.
Barbara is wearing the popular 'Belle' dress in blushing 
pale pink while Jeanelle wears 'Garden Party' # 931.
Both are classic vintage outfits from 1962 - 1963 and 
the ladies look very elegant.
Megan and Lindsey are both sporting short, flirty dresses
that came on Barbie Greeting cards from the 90's.  While
these little frocks are certainly springy they show A LOT
of leg and might not be that appropriate for an Easter
Parade.  But the ladies do look cute!
Tess and Rowena have chosen more modest dresses
for this Easter.  They are both wearing the same dress
made by me.  How different the same dress looks
in a different print and with a little ribbon trim!  They
too are looking quite fetching.

Vintage Outfits:  Repurchased
Card Outfits: Owner Original
Handmade: Owner

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Deboxing Day: Ski Fun Midge # 7513 - 1991

I was shopping for a Christmas present for my friend, Carol
and while I found her a NRFB  1987 California Dreaming Midge,
I found Ski Fun Midge for me.  Winter is over and she wants
out in time to hit the slops one last time.
Freed from her box to enjoy the last vestiges of winter, she also
sheds her Midge name and skis off into the sunset as Tess.

No matter what her name is I think the Midge's of the 80' s and
90's were the cutest and she is no exception.

Post Vintage: Owner Original