Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Day at Lydia's Bridal

I have room for one diorama at a time, so
if I want to move on to something else the
current project has to come down.  And so
comes the end of Lydia's Bridal Salon.

But before I take it down I thought I might
try my hand at a little storyline of sorts.

Lydia arrives at the salon where a
shipment of merchandise awaits unpacking.

More shoes! You can never have too
many shoes.

Lydia's friend Trisha arrives with a
vintage frame she found that goes
perfect on the wall.

Trisha is an excellent photographer
and is going to help Lydia put
together a brochure for the salon.
Several of their friends will be the

Lydia thinks Megan is ready for her

Lindsey is going for a beach wedding
look, no veil.

Okasana looks like a Russian princess
in this velvet and fur trim dress.

Sabine is gorgeous in this simple A-line

Halaina looks beautiful in this traditional
style with lots of lace.

This mermaid style gown really shows
off Phoebe's curves.

There is on last dress to to be photographed
and Lydia has chosen Trisha to model it.

Trisha might be the most beautiful
bride ever in this stunning halter gown.

Trisha will make a gorgeous bride
someday, but Daryl hasn't popped
the question yet!

All of our models looked beautiful!


  1. Very nice bridal salon. Too bad you have to take it down! How do you store your dios when not in use?

    1. Thanks, Phyllis. The walls are just 3 pcs of foamcore covered in contact paper then with scrapbook paper taped on temporarily. Everything comes apart to be reused again. The walls are not even attached to each other, so I just take everything off of them down to the contact paper and store behind a chair in the room. Props and furniture just go in storage bins.

  2. Cute story. I love that you incorporated all of those gowns. They are all so different and pretty. I'm sorry the dio has to go down, but I am looking forward o seeing what you put up next.