Sunday, September 6, 2015

Barbie Look - City Shine # CJF50

Uh, oh, another model muse to add to the
already volatile mix.  Meet Gwendolyn.

I was thinking of getting the one with the
short black hair but after seeing her in
person didn't really care for her.  But this
one caught my eye.....that hair!

She is beautiful.  Roxane is still my
favorite but I think Gwendolyn is nipping
at her heels for the hotest model muse in
the house.
One thing I don't care for is the color of
her dress, not a fan of red and purple.


  1. I too just love this doll's hair! I also got the Pazette mold and the Asian one -- and later, I picked up the blonde Barbie version too! They have all been rebodied now on articulated bodies.

  2. I like her red hair and the waves in it. The good think about the dress is you can change her into something more pleasing. Honestly, I'm glad they didn't go for green, so cliché. LOL!