Saturday, September 12, 2015

Dinner Date Barbie #19037 1997

I got this doll when I got Steve.  She was a good
price and with combined shipping.....well you
know the story.

Although her hair needs depoofing, I
love the color and cut.  I would love
to find a doll similar to this with really
black hair.
I find her dress kind of a contradiction,
sparkly and flashy but yet kinda puritan
and pilgrimish.  And 2 of those little seed
pearl buttons are just in the wrong spot!
But the little chain at the waist is cute!

She has a pretty face so she will be
staying.  Her name is Phoebe.


  1. She is quite pretty! I would like to see her with her hair "depoufed"! Great addition to your collection.

  2. Phoebe is cute, but she does need less poofy hair. A trip to the beauty salon seems in order. :-)