Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Divergent Tris and Four

I am a Barbie collector, it's what I grew
up with, it's the doll I love.  I stick with
in the Barbie family.....until now.

I couldn't pass up the sale Barbie
Collector was having on these dolls.
And yes, while they are still made by
Mattel from the same Barbie bodies
and face molds, they are really not
Barbies or family to me.

They are nice dolls.  I really just wanted
Tobias (Four) as a date for some of my
new Barbies.  Tristyn (Tris) was just too
reasonably priced to leave behind.


I think Tobias will fit in nicely, but
the verdict is still out on Tristyn. I find
her a little, well blah.....harsh I know.
But she will stick around for the time
being, maybe she will grow on me.


  1. I bought some extras of these to have as body donors! I do have both the Divergent and Insurgent Tris, but this Tris is the only one with elbow and knee articulation and her pale skintone makes her body a good donor for the new pale Fashionistas!

  2. Maybe if you change up her hair and redress her, Tristyn will look a little more appealing to you. Maybe a little more color to her lips will help too. I don't know, just throwing some ideas out there.