Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Movie Date Ken - AA # 29261 2000

I like to have my dolls hang out with
dolls of their era or as close as I can
get as possible.  Some of the dolls have
began to pair off, ie Darryl and Trisha.

When I was doing the Bridal Salon diorama
I kept thinking Lydia needs someone and I
didn't have anyone to foot the bill.  I have
two early 80's AA Kens but I don't think they
would fit well together.  Besides Curtis has
his sights on Sharla so we don't want to get
into the middle of that.  I have Jonas the
Texas A&M cheerleader but it just didn't feel
So I searched eBay and there he was, her perfect
man.  Turns out he's Movie Date Ken, but he is
Lydia's husband, Steven Lundin.

He's perfect for her and I think he is
quite good looking.  He has a great

Don't they look adorable together!

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  1. Aww!! Cute couple. Nice pairing. I hope they are happy together.