Friday, November 28, 2014

Meet the Dolls: More Fashionistas

This is Ryan and .......I don't know if she was a Barbie or Raquelle, but I don't know how she could be either since she looks distinctly Asian to me, so now she is Bo Lin.  Yea, I know it sounds like bowling, but it just kinda stuck.  I was looking for a Chinese or Japanese name and came across 2 and kind of put them together (my apologies to the Chinese if I am using the names incorrectly). Bo means 'precious' and Lin means 'beautiful jade',  I thought that it was pretty and it stuck. (Can't be any worse than Fan Bing Bing!)

Anywhooo, I think she is quite beautiful but he's kind of a stick in the mud, has that walking dead look.   (I really need to get some better guys.)

I love her dress, how cool is that, that she has a removable breast plate.....and a sparkly one to boot!

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  1. LOL for the walking dead look! The dress of Bo Lin is lovely.

  2. That is a Raquel doll, but I agree she looks very Asian. Since they also used that face mold for the Asian Barbie for president doll, she can be either. I like the name you chose for her, it is very pretty sounding.