Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Deboxing Day: Potty Trainin' Taffy - AA BHY32/BDH75

Okay, who doesn't need a toy dog that poops? The Husband has been quite fascinated with this playline set and kept wanting me to get it. But I thought it was a bit pricey and really didn't want another blonde BB Barbie so kept passing it up.

I have been looking to add Nikki to my collection and this set came on sale on the Mattel site for $15 plus with a few other dolls I got free shipping so it was win-win.

The pooping dog is pretty funny. When I first tried it the poops shot out and rolled every which way. You see that hole in his backpack.....that's where you load the poop pellets only they don't all fit so they kinda sit on top until he poops them out.

This is really the first pack like this I have bought. I usually just buy dolls alone. But I kinda like getting the little accessories, the dog is cute and I think Nikki is adorable. (By the way, I know it says Barbie on the packaging and not Nikki.......but that's Nikki).

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  1. We have the earlier version where Taffy opens her mouth for the treat, then she poops it out. I can't remember if you move her tail or what you do to get her to poop. Then you have the pooper scooper to pick it up. When my daughter was younger, she just had to have that! Great buy! What else did you get?

    1. Yes, you put the treats in her/his mouth and then touch the tail and poop comes out. I got the dog bowl, treats, pooper scooper and garbage can. Ialso purchased 3 other dolls who will be deboxed at later dates.