Sunday, November 9, 2014

Meet the Dolls: Hangin' with The Fashionistas

I prefer to collect the older body style Barbies, but I am a collector after all and do like to have a representation of all styles in my collection. So I have about a dozen of the newer BB "belly button" Barbies ( and a few Model muse). I think the BB Barbie line really look more like the teenagers they are suppose to be, where as the old style Barbies always looked more like adults, more sophisticated.

The clothes offered for these dolls are unremarkable, nothing compared to the older lines. Except for the shoes........these dolls have some rockin' shoes. It would be great if they would come out with some named ensembles for them ala' Fashion Avenue. But as it is the clothes are cheap and all look alike.

I've made a couple of outfits but am still working on getting the fit right. In the meantime I make due with what's out there and I like everyone else on the planet have discovered the 'Sparkle Girl' outfits at Walmart for $1.97.

Meet Alexa, Eden and Quinn. Alexa and Quinn are twins but each have their own style. Eden is a free spirit, kind of a new age flower child. These are my favorite 'Sparkle Girl' outfits and fit these dolls the best.

Meet Kimberly, Kaelyn and Regan. Kimberly and Kaelyn are also twins, Regan is their best friend. These 3 girls love to hang out and swap clothes. These 'Sparkle Girl' outfits are cute but don't fit these dolls quite as well, being a little snug.

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  1. Hi Chris, beautiful dolls, and I like their outfits very much! I see in your other posts that you also collect vintage Barbies. I started a - modest - collection of vintage Barbies too about a year ago and look forward to see more of your girls :-).

    1. Thanks for stopping by, I will have toventure over your way and check out your dolls.

  2. Chris, very nice dolls and outfits. I also got several of the Sparkle Girls clothes. I like them for the Skipper and Stacie size dolls. I too started my collection with the vintage dolls because they are the Barbies I grew up with. I do have several and also some of the vintage clothing. They just don't make clothes like that anymore. Look forward to seeing more of your collection.

    1. Thanks Phyllis, the vintage are my favorites and the clothes from that era are uncomparable to what they put out now. It's really ashame, they could do much better.