Sunday, November 16, 2014

Meet the Dolls: Hula Sisters Skipper and Chelsea # X3215

I needed a modern Skipper to go with my other modern dolls so I chose this set because I thought Skipper was cute and she is articulated.  Chelsea, while cute, has been relegated to the extra doll bin.

Skipper is now Mary Elizabeth......sweet but that pink streak in her hair shows she has a little wild side in her maybe?

Here she is sporting one of the Sparkle Girl outfits.  Her torso is a little long for it but all in all not a bad fit and since Mattel doesn't care about clothing her, she has to get her duds where she can!

Modern: Owner Original


  1. Another market Mattel is sadly missing -- clothing for the sisters and friends. I do like the Sparkle Girls outfits for Skipper too, as well as other smaller sized dolls.

  2. We don't see Skipper often here in the toy stores, it's almost always Barbie, Ken and the little dolls. Your new girl looks great in the Sparkle Girls outfit, luckily there are choices to dress her!