Sunday, November 30, 2014

First Party

Mary Elizabeth has been asked to her first boy-girl party.  She wants to know what you think of this, yes Sparkle Girl, dress.  It's a little big in the bust for her but the colors go with her hair streak and shoes.  And since these are the ONLY pair of shoes she has (I'm lookin' at you Mattel) she needs to pick her wardrobe carefully.  All in all I think she will turn a few boys heads and break a few hearts.

As a side note, this is why dolls should not be left in any one outfit for too long.....see that spot, poor Mary Elizabeth has never had her leggings removed.  It appears that something put pressure on one spot and the dye from her leggings bled through to her leg.  It's okay, now she has a birthmark.

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  1. She looks cute in that dress and her shoes look good with it.

  2. She'll definitely be a heart-breaker at the party :-). The "birthmark" makes her unique.