Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Handmade Fall Ensemble

Jeanelle is showing off her new handmade fall ensemble that she will be wearing for her trip home for Thanksgiving.  All 3 pieces are made using vintage 60's patterns.  The ensemble consists of a fully lined swing coat, dirndl skirted sleeveless dress and slim dress with 3/4 sleeves.

Her friend, Barbara has shown up to help model, she likes this dress as she thinks it shows off her figure better.  The slim dress looks like a potato sack here but in reality is quite nice, very sophisticated. 

Barbara really likes this combination.  She may "accidently" walk off with it.

I love the clothes of the 50's and 60's, they were so stylish.  I like ensembles like this that help extend your wardrobe.  Mind you I am a fashion disaster.  I wear jeans to work everyday, it's what I'm comfortable in in more ways than one.  THIS is why I love my Barbies.....so I can dress them up in beautiful clothes, or comfy clothes or trendy clothes.  I get my fashion fun through them.......and when you consider the price of good clothing, shoes and accessories these days.....it's a lot cheaper, well....maybe.

Handmade: Owner


  1. Lovely outfit, I like the matching lining in the coat too! It's great that you can have fun with dressing the dolls fashionable, and make things you wouldn't wear yourself :-). I like that too about sewing for the dolls, they can wear anything that we want them to!

  2. Very nice ensemble. I especially like the coat and dress combo. Very well coordinated. Have a good Thanksgiving trip home!