Friday, February 26, 2016

Mod Hair Ken outfit

My Mod Hair Ken, Dave, did not
come with his original outfit.  I
like to dress my dolls in the era
they are from, whether an original
vintage outfit or homemade, and
his loud checked jacket and turtle-
neck SCREAMED 70's.

I thought about trying to find his
outfit on eBay but figured I
needed more practice making Ken
clothes so decided to make a similar

I had a black/green check that was about
the right scale.  I made black pants and a
black long sleeve turtleneck. 

The pants fit great, I used my go to 60's
vintage pattern for them.  The jacket
and turtleneck are also a vintage pattern
from the 70's but seem a little large.

The sleeves on the turtleneck were
really long and if I make again will
need to be shortened.  The jacket
body was very large and boxy but
the sleeves were just about right.

For a first try on the jacket it's not to
bad, the turtleneck is good.

Dave is ready to go out on the town!


  1. Hey Chris, you did a pretty good job on your doll's outfit. Male dolls are pretty difficult to make clothes for so I applaud your efforts to create a wardrobe for him. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks, April. That jacket definitely needs work!