Friday, February 19, 2016

Househunting with Gabrielle

I was at Target and stumbled across
Barbie's Glam Getaway.  It's perfect
for me and my ladies as it doesn't
take up much room.

Gabrielle jumped at the chance to be
the first to look at it.  She would love
a little place all her own in Paris.

That doorway is a little small.

The bed is firm, very firm.....the blanket
and plastic pillow would have to go!

This is

Ugh...why does Mattel insist on putting a
toilet in these little houses......and
right next to the bed.  They could have
put a little vanity here....or better yet
a closet!

This little kitchen is adorable and I
like all the windows, lots of sunlight.

Gabrielle's just not sure this is the right place
for her.  It is very pink and purple.  It would need
some renovating.  She needs a second opinion.

Esme makes herself at home.  She thinks the bed
is very comfortable.

It's a really cute place.  If Gabrielle doesn't take
it Esme might!


  1. It is a cute little getaway! I agree about the toilet, why in the bedroom? I am with Gabrielle, though -- it could use a paint job to tone down the pink!

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  3. Lol in our previous house one of the neighbours had a toilet in the bathroom when she bought and moved in. It was very odd, previously owned by an older person, convenience possibly.
    Cute house, Mattel's designs for EAH and some of MH place sets have been with a folding and more compact design. This is great idea

  4. Cozy little place...thanks for posting pics. I agree that the toilet in the bedroom is just awkward!

  5. This is a cute little place. I have to agree about the toilet placement. How weird.