Sunday, February 14, 2016

Esmerelda Goes Shopping

Not one to waste a good diorama,
Esemerlda visited La Petite Robe
Boutique before demolition to find
a new outfit.

Esme's not too sure about this one,
especially the shoes........

This is so unattractive with those little
ankle knobs showing!

This is cute for hiking.  Esme loves the

I don't think the bare shoulder look is
quite right for her but the shoes are much

Now these make her legs look long and
lean and also hide the ankle knobs.

This is perfect!  The top shows a little
interest at the shoulders but hides the
joints too!


  1. I do like the last three outfits in particular! Esmerelda was smart to hit that "demolition" sale!

  2. That last outfit also lets you see a bit of her awesome abs!

  3. These are nice fashion choices. I like the first and the last best.