Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Francie Hill-riders #1210 1968-69

Francie is wearing Hill-riders from 1968-69.
This was one of my favorite outfits for her
even though it is a pain to get the sweater on.
It is in pristine condition except that the
under arm seam came undone (probably
got caught on her fingers putting it on).
Until I find matching thread to stitch it
up she is wearing one of the 3 sweaters
my friend, Carol, made.

It's just a little large and the color is not
quite perfect, but I think it looks pretty
good on her.

Carol has knit several sweaters and skirts for
my dolls.  Since I am all thumbs at crafts like
knitting and crochet I am amazed at these
tiny little wonders, her stitches are so, so small
and even.  I will be showcasing more of her
work soon.


  1. Hi Chris. That is an amazing little sweater! I cannot knit or crochet so, like you, remain in amazement over those little works of wonder. Here's a tip: put plastic over your dolls hands (and hold in place with rubber bands or tape) before putting them in long sleeves. Not only will her fingers not get stuck in the threads, but you'll be amazed how fast you get the garment on her!