Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Cool Collecting Barbie #25525

I really hadn't any plans to by
any dolls for awhile......in fact
I have been thinking of down-
sizing my collection a bit.  But
we all know how that goes!

I stumbled across her on eBay and now
here she is!  I love her outfits and hair-
style.  The cool toys are a bonus too!
I even like her box, it's resealable.

She comes with sunglasses and a cute
little (fully lined) tote.

So, welcome, Beverly!


  1. Congratulations on your new dolls. And you're right...she did come with lots of cool accessories. I know what you mean about keeping tabs on the collection. I passed up two dolls on Ebay yesterday, telling myself how I need to devote more time to the ones I have already. But you're right...it's only March 1!!!!

    1. I keep telling myself after this purchase I will concentrate on what I already have......doesn't seem to be working, bought 4 Sparkle Girl and 2 Barbie paks today......oh well.

  2. Beverly is cute. I really like her outfit.

    1. I like her outfit too, seems like she should be going bowling for some reason.