Monday, October 5, 2015

Steve's Outfit

This was the first Ken outfit I ever made.
I actually made it late last year but just
got around to showing it.

This is my favorite shirt pattern for Ken so
far.  It is a 60's vintage, Butterick 2519.  It
fits all the Ken's perfectly.

I took really good care when cutting it
out so that the designs are nicely centered
on the front and back.  I have several
of these cut out, the fabric options are
endless.  I love making them.

The pants were a different story.

With his shirt on they look fine so I
wasn't inclined to mess with them much,
just added the rubberband belt to keep
them up.
I think maybe the pattern called for an
elastic waist (which I hate) and I just
ignored the instructions, which I do at
times.  Instead I found a better pattern
for Ken pants which you saw previously
on Daryl.  That is also a vintage pattern,
McCall's 6901.  It is a much better fit
(even if they close in back!!!!).

1 comment:

  1. The pants look great with the shirt over it! I used an old pair of Ken pants to make a pattern and have made some pants using old pants of mine for fabric. I put a snap on the back and sewed in a seam in front to make them look like front opening pants. I am not a fan of the elastic waistbands either. BTW, I really like your shirt!