Sunday, December 6, 2015

My Little Helpers

Started to put up the tree today and some
of my "boys" showed up to lend a .....uh,
hand so to speak......

John Pope, Chuck and Tobias discuss
where the tree should go.

Let's get this tree outta here.

All together now men!

Heave ho!

Oops, man down!

Uh oh, something has caught their attention.

Hey, where'd they go?

Oh no......the Model Muses...Roxanne
Benevento, Charmayne Scot and

Well, hellooooo ladies!

John Pope and Chuck try to impress them with their
large Christmas balls.

John Pope takes out Chuck with his ball.

Tobias gets all the ladies to himself.

Meanwhile, John Pope and Chuck duke
it out.

Chuck KO's John Pope and claims his hat in victory.

Alright gentlemen, back to work.

Finally, we reach the tree summit.

Okay guys help me out here, check the lights.

It took double the time to get the tree up with these
guys help.......never send a doll to do a woman's job!


  1. This had me cracking up. Too funny. Even though they were distracted, you did get some help from some good looking guys.

    1. Glad you liked it, I really enjoyed doing this.

  2. LOL!!!! Now that was a LOT of fun!!!! Well, your dolls are doing more work than mine. All mine do is stand around and strike poses! Happy Holidays.