Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

I almost didn't get this up in time. I
am not into Halloween but that doesn't
mean the dolls can't have fun.

Steve, Lydia, Trisha and Daryl take a break
from doing The Monster Mash to pose for
pics at the Halloween Dance.
All clothing is made by me except Steve's
argyle shirt.  Obviously Trisha and Daryl
LOVE to match their outfits.  Lydia's dress
is made from a black sock tied at the waist
with orange/black polka dot ribbon (which
you can't see).

The Ladies.


  1. They are dressed well. I love using socks for dresses, sweaters and skirts. So easy for winter outfits (especially since I don't knit).

    1. Thanks, Janainah, making the so k dress was easy but am having trouble making a sock into a long sleeve sweater. I've already ruined several $1 socks from the door store......lucky they are only a $.

    2. Why are you having an issue? Is it with the sleeves? I remember I was scared to even try them, thinking I couldn't do it. But once I tried, it got better and easier. There are a couple of ways to make it work. I've done sleeves and I don't consider myself the best seamstress, but I you need help in what may work or where you think you are going wrong, I'm sure we can find some help. Speaking of which, have you seen My Froggy Stuff's sweater video?

    3. I couldn't get the sleeves pulled through to the right side after sewing. Also if the sock had a pattern, say argyle, the threads on the wrong side would get caught in the feed dog. I haven't seen the video but will be sure to check it out, thanks.

  2. Well, you may not like this, but every sock item I make is sewn by hand. The material isn't great for the machine, just as you said.

    There is a hook you can buy in the craft store (at least at JoAnn's) that will help you pull through the sleeve. I bought one for when I make a belt and they come pretty thin. I've also used the end of a paint brush to push sleeves through to the right side and that has worked even on the tiny clothes I make for the 2.5" inch dolls. Just do it gently and take your time. Or try the end of a pencil on the eraser side could help.