Saturday, June 3, 2017

Should They Stay or Should They Go.......

I have been cleaning out some dolls, mostly my
Ideal Miss Revlon's (had 45 of them at one time).
But am always rethinking my Barbie collection too.

I have had these So In Style dolls for quite
a few years, but have never really used them
or played with them.

I really think they are beautiful but I
am paring down my more modern
Barbies and am not sure about keeping
them.  Thought I would give them a
little shelf time with really cute outfits.
(These are some adorable Sparkle Girl

They have quite the stage presents don't
they?  Maybe a girl group story needs to
be fit in somewhere?  Hmmmm.....think
I'll leave them out for awhile and if a
group name hits never


  1. First, I want you to know that I do this same thing with my dolls. Since I'm a player and not a displayer, I am constantly looking at dolls that don't get any playtime and trying to decide if they should be voted off the island. I will sometimes sit them in a prominent place to see if they "speak" to me. Those that make a case for staying get to stay, and those that don't well... Your girls are lovely together in that photo. I like your girl group idea. It makes me think of all the R&B girl groups I used to listen to back in the day.

    1. Ha,ha...I think all our dolls have spoken to us at some point, that's why we chose them. But it's how bad they want to stay. These girls are great and the girl group idea is hanging in there for now. Oh, gosh, still love to listen to old music is so lacking, but maybe I'm just old!LOL!

  2. I think they look cute as a girl group. They look like they're mid-song in that last photo.