Thursday, May 25, 2017

Mr. Brentwood Takes a New Bride

Not willing to put up with Mrs. Brentwood's
drinking problem, Mr. Brentwood has
found himself a new wife.

Roger has met and fallen head over heels
for the beautiful, Farren Palmer.

Unlike Olivia Brentwood,  Miss Palmer
has normal hands, which allows her to
wear all manner of clothing including
long sleeves. (I didn't know this doll
is articulated, but it is better than a pitcher's
mitt for a hand.)

Roger is smitten and has tossed Olivia
aside for Farren.  Do not fret for her.
Olivia will either go to a new home
(sans all her clothes though...Farren
called dibbs) or she may hang
around here for awhile and see what
shakes out.

While I still think Olivia is gorgeous and
that she and Roger made a handsome

I think Roger and Farren will make a
great couple!


  1. Poor Olivia, tossed out for the new girl. I hope she finds a loving home.

    Farren is quite pretty though. She and Roger do make a cute couple.

    1. Yes, Roger is fickle but don't worry about Olivia she will survive!