Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Clothes for Teens and Tweens

I am always looking for clothes to
fit Barbie's forgotten sister and her
friends.  I do have some of the Teen
Skipper Fashion Avenue outfits
but not enough to provide the
variety I like for my girls.

I have plenty of vintage Skipper
patterns but they are well, vintage
in style.  I have one Skipper pattern
from the 90's but haven't made
anything from it yet, outfits are
kinda ...meh.

Sparkle Girl outfits and some of
the current Barbie pak clothes
work well for these girls.  I picked
up a few new ones today at the
big W.

Teen Skipper Cassandra is wearing a
fabulous Sparkle Girl outfit of a knit
black skirt with suede-like fringe
overlay with yellow ribbon belt and
black/white geometric print knit top.
This outfit is so cute although the belts
can get tangled in the fringe.  Hula
Skipper Mary Elizabeth is wearing
a Barbie pak dress.  It's very sweet
on her but a bit too big at the top
and would probably fit Cassandra or
Francie better.

Finding shoes for these girls is a
problem in itself.  I think I got both
these pairs in a Barbie accessory pak.
The sandals fit Mary Elizabeth perfectly,
and surprisingly even though the black
Mary Jane's have a wedge they fit
Cassandra to a tee!

Pizza Party Skipper Daria is rockin'
an adorable Sparkle Girl outfit of shorts
with pom-pom trim and beautiful lace
top.  This top is so pretty and versitile
I think all the dolls will want to wear it.

Mary Elizabeth is wearing another Sparkle
Girl halter dress with iridescent colors
that match her hair.

Daria's shoes are from a Barbie accessory
pak and while the do fit her nicely they
are a bit of chore to get off.

Daria and Cassandra are both sporting
Sparkle Girl dresses here.  Daria's gives
a 2 piece look of denim skirt and knit
top but this is a dress.  Cassie's ready
to dance the night away in this cute black
lace and pink dress.  The fabric under
the bodice lace is a yellow print, an odd
choice I thought but it seems to work.

I didn't realize I had this dress until I
bought it again (maybe I have too much
doll clothes.....nah).  I think these might
be my favorite dresses.  They have a mod
60's vibe going and the pom pom trim is

Cassie's dress is made of cotton while
Mary Elizabeth's is a nylon knit.  The
dresses are noticably different in size
with Mary Elizabeth's being smaller.
But they fit each of them perfectly. I
love em'.

Daria wanted something a little sparkly
too party in and this Sparkle Girl dress
fit the bill.  It also fits her very nicely
too with the waist being just a smidge

The Sparkle Girl outfits seem to work the
best for the smaller Skipper dolls.  Depending
on the outfit Sparkle Girl also works for
Teen Skipper and vintage Francie.  The
Barbie dress paks work well for the larger


  1. You made some really good choices for these girls. I really do like the Sparkle Girlz clothes, but they have been in very limited supply at our WalMart lately.

    1. I noticed our selection was smaller than usual also. Hopefully they aren't cutting back or discontinuing them.

  2. Really, the clothes are absolutely charming. I love all of the outfits you posted here. Shoes, as a rule, are always tricky, but, especially for your older dolls, you might look at those lots of Barbie shoes that cost very little. Many are made for Barbies with tiny feet all for just a handful of dollars. Look on eBay or Amazon.