Sunday, July 30, 2017

Halter Dress Sample

I found a simple halter dress pattern at
Janel Was Here .  She designed it for
the Model Muse body so I was comfortable
giving it a try.   I chose Taryn as my
model and made a sample of muslin.

Although I did read Janel's instructions
I didn't really follow them to the letter
(which I never do).  I think it came out
very nice.

There is a little side gap on the halter
here, but once I tugged the dress down
a bit it fit better.

There is a little bunching at her tush
but that is seamstress error.

It appears Taryn is a tad ticklish and
moved a bit when I was measuring where
to end the ended up
being a little to snug.  It's an easy fix
and I need to make the halter straps just
a smidgen longer.

I love this dress!  I can't wait to make
some in different fabrics.  It will look
nice with a fuller skirt and in a variety
of lengths, too!


  1. I love this doll. She's one of my favorites because she brings class to everything she wears! I think you did a great job on that little halter neck dress. Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Thanks April. It's a simple dress but versatile. I'm really happy with it. Yes, Taryn even makes a sample muslin look fantastic!

  3. You did a good job. Even if you see things you can do better, you'll adjust next time. I always do a 'throw away' test. But this dress doesn't look like that. It's ready to wear.

    1. Thanks, Jaye. It did come out nice, hopefully it will just as nice in the "good" fabric I picked out!