Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Swimsuit Babes

Since I do not have any patterns that will
fit the Model Muse body I am going to have
to force teach my self to draft patterns for them.
I am not a patient person and get frustrated
when I don't pick something up quickly. 
But if the ladies want some new clothes I
am going to have to learn to make them

I figured I'd start really, really simple with sarongs.

The most fun part was matching the fabric to their
swimsuit color.  They are very simple.....a glorified
apron with a side dart for shape.  But I think the
ladies like them........          




I am planning a simple halter sundress
for them next.  Picking the fabric based
on their swimsuit color was fun and
took a little of the stress off about what
color would look good on them.  With
all the fabric I have sometimes I get
bogged down in the planning process
but because each lady already has a
color it made it a little easier.....and they
don't have to change shoes!  So I am
going to stick with that color formula
for awhile.

Any ideas or suggestions on where to
find any patterns for these ladies is
greatly appreciated!


  1. Fashion doll stylist shows you how to make your own patterns but for something simpler you could try Miss B Couture.

    1. Thanks Karen. I am a really big fan of Fashion Doll Stylist, her designs are gorgeous. I do hope to pick up some tips from her though. I will have to check out Miss B Couture. Thanks again!

  2. Hi Chris. I have two of those dolls and I can testify that they look great in anything you put on them. Your sarongs are very pretty. Thank you Karen for the shout-out. The basic slopers tutorials as well as many of the basic garments were made on those Model Muse dolls. So you can take a look around those earlier posts (2013-2014)! If it all seems a bit too complicated, you can do as many others do---bring the screen to 100% and trace, then adjust (for distortion) on your dolls!

    1. April, I am such a fan of your site, your designs are gorgeous and your tutorials are very informative. Once I get a few basic things made for them under my belt I want to give some of your designs a try.

  3. Chris, these sarongs are perfect. The color match is wonderful. You can make the suits. You'll do a great job.