Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Sun Gold Malibus

I am not out to collect every Barbie there is. I buy
what I like and due to space am trying to keep
my collection under control.  I am not opposed 
to selling off or giving away a doll if it doesn't suit
me anymore.

But I did want to have one entire series of dolls.  And
I have recently completed my quest.  Meet the Sun Gold
Deciding which series to collect was kind of easy.  I wanted some dolls from the 80's because I had none and I had gotten the AA Ken last year for my birthday.  When I saw some of the other dolls in the series I had to have them.

Sun Gold Malibu Barbie #1067

This was one of the dolls that sold me on the series.  I think she
is so pretty and so Malibuesque.  This is Bridget.

Sun Gold Malibu Ken #1088

This was is not one of my favorites.  Why is he looking
up?  This is Chadd, with 2 ds, please, so Cali!

Sun Gold Malibu Barbie #7745

This face mold for the AA Barbies is one of my favorites, along
with the Nichelle and Asha.  She has beautiful black/brown 
hair with nice curls.  This is Gloria.

Sun Gold Malibu Ken #3849

This poor guy's head seems a little too small for his
body or maybe it's that his face and body are 2 
different shades?  But I like his face.  This is Gerard.

Sun Gold Malibu Barbie #4970

Even though the same face mold is used on the
AA, I think with the slight skin tone variation, lip color
and hair, she looks different enough from the AA to 
be considered Hispanic.  She has beautiful wavey
brown/black hair.  This is Luisa.

Sun Gold Malibu Ken #4971
The dark haired Hispanic version of Ken is by far the
rarest in this series and the hardest to find.  When I
started looking I was afraid I would have to do without
him as the pricing ranged from $75 out of box to $150
in box.  I just wasn't going to pay that much.  But 
I lucked out and found one, in the box, $28.00 with
shipping........he was mine and the last one I needed.  
I think he is quite handsome.  This is Eron (the accent 
mark ' goes over the o).

Sun Gold Malibu PJ #1187

I don't think she is as cute as the 70's Malibu PJ, but
she is a pretty doll.  I am puzzled as to why she is
always a third wheel, couldn't they give a man of her
own?  Well, maybe she doesn't need one!  This is

Sun Gold Malibu Skipper #1069

This was the other doll that sold me on this series.  Since
I wanted 80's dolls not all series had a Skipper and the
ones that did......well, I just thought the Skippers were ugly.
I think she is cute, but kind of sad.  She lives in Malibu 
and is going to the beach for pete's sake, smile!  Of
course, maybe it's because she has no one but adults to
play with in Malibu.......?   This is Jenny Lee.

So, there they are.....eight little Sun Gold Malibus.

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  1. Congrats on getting this complete series! They all look wonderful! I think I have all of these facemolds, but not in this series and not all in as good of a condition as yours.