Sunday, June 28, 2015

Perils of Vintage NRFB

The Malibus that I just deboxed are over 30 years old.
The were all NRFB when I purchased them and after
that much time in a box that was not meant for 3 
decades of storage, they had some issues.

The gold lame' fabric the ladies swimsuits are made 
has become "sticky" in spots, especially the silver on
on PJ.  I'm hoping it doesn't disintegrate when removed.

While all of the rubber bands in the ladies hair are
deteriorating, Skipper's was by far the worse I have
ever seen, they literally melted into her hair.

One even fused to her back.  I am hoping a 'spa day'
will help.  If not new rubber bands and ribbons will
hide it.

A few dolls had very slight discoloration in areas but
the AA Barbie had this:

Almost looks like a spider bite but I don't think they
like vinyl.

I may find more issues when their suits are removed 
but I think these will be the worst.

This is the peril of buying NRFB when you plan on deboxing.  
You pay a good price but when removed the dolls have issues 
sometimes.  But it is my choice to buy NRFB when I can, it's
my preference.


  1. I kind of always expect the rubber bands to be deteriorated on the vintage dolls although I don't think I have ever had any where the rubber band color leached into the hair. I have had a variety of dolls come with skin discoloration. The worst I have seen is with giant orange or green spots all over the legs. I hope your spa day helps out!

    1. Phyllis, that wasn't just the rubber band color, that WAS the rubber band. It literally melted into her hair. I have seen legs mottled with huge white spots usually on late 80's early 90's dolls.