Monday, June 29, 2015

June Bride

My friend and cohort in all things Barbie, has a birthday
on June 30th.  She has always wanted a bride doll so
I thought I would make her a bride and groom.

This is Avon's Winter Rhapsody Barbie and Great Date
Ken. I made the the bridal gown, headpiece and bouquet.

The dress came out very nice considering it was my first
time doing beadwork.  It's a simple dress but with the
beading on the bodice and headpiece I think it is
timeless.  I really didn't have the time or skill to make
a tux for the groom, so I found a Ken from the same 
era who already owned a nice but somewhat sparkley
suit.  Oh, and we will not talk about his hair!

All in all she was thrilled and that's what counts.
Happy Birthday, Carol!


  1. The dress is lovely! If you cut down the sides of his hair closer to his head, he would have a very hip look for today!

  2. Great gift idea! I think the dress and headpiece both turned out great. I've been thinking of making some bridal headpieces for one of my brides and to display in a bridal salon diorama.