Sunday, December 28, 2014

It Was A Barbie Christmas

Okay, and one Ken.  I got everything a girl could ask for and then some.  Here's the, I mean gifts I received from The Husband:

I prefer the Hallmark Barbie ornaments to the American Greetings.  I just think their face sculpts are better.  This one is unique to me as her skirt is actual fabric.
I love this Barbie and Ken case.  It is in fantastic condition and the bright red will look great with all my other cases.  Ken will now have someplace to store his meager wardrobe.  I love Barbie books and while this one does not have pictures of every doll in a line, it is still a good reference guide with item # and years.
A new Fashion Avenue outfit for my collection and an accessory pack.  The pack is from my neighbor who gave me the doll in the previous post.  Love those boots!
I didn't even know that the Classique line had some individual outfits until I came across this one on Amazon.  I think I will have to put the others on my birthday wish list!
What's Christmas without a new doll or two!  I think the Sun Gold Malibu Barbie is so pretty!  I have the AA Barbie and Ken and want to get all the rest in line.  I wanted this Ken because he looked soooo Miami Vice, especially with the color change hair.  He will charm my 80's and 90's ladies.
Read em' and weep ladies....6 count em', SIX bridal gowns!  There is a bridal salon diorama in my future.
The Husband picked out this gift all by himself and it is my favorite of everything.  Three oil on canvas designs by Robert Best. I don't think they are originals or even signed prints, but I love them.  I have the perfect spot in my sewing room/doll room/office.

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